Yubikey used for login, cannot login

I have my yubikey setup to authenticate when logging in. Problem is when I insert my yubikey into a USB port, the login changes to a smart card login.

I do not use smart card logins.

How can I disable the login entry for yubikey (so I can login)? This setup was working fine...

ETA: Really?
ETA2: After restarting, same problem.

sudo pkexec vi /etc/pam.d/sudo
delete line added for yubikey
sudo reboot
@login screen
enter username
enter password
sorry wrong password
enter username
enter password
plug in yubikey
Logged in.


See my OP.

After updating my system Zorin OS said it had to restart. It restarted just fine but same error when trying to login. I was able to login once but not after that. I checked /etc/pam.d/sudo, there is no entry for yubikey.

How can I fix this login issue so that I can use my yubikey every time to login?