Z16 Beta. Global Menu extension - anyone got it working?

I'm using Zorin OS 16 beta and stumble upon this extension and follow the installation guide, but it seems it doesn't appear. Is it something that needs to be incorporated into Zorin taskbar?


I just amended title to include "Z16 Beta" to highlight to devs.

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Unclear, to say the least...

He states
"It’s consist of a Gnome Shell extension and a external program, you must install both for the application to work."
But does not clearly state what the external program is.
He implies it is fildem.deb - refers to the releases page but does not link to it. And I do not feel like digging it up...
His instructions are Distro Specific- you would need to replace pacman manager command with APT.
But it looks like fildem and fildem-hud are the required packages.