Z16 Pro --> Z17 Pro

Hi everybody,

Will it be possible to upgrade from Z16 Pro to Z17 Pro with the upgrade tool ? Is the upgrade tool will manage the payment part ?

Also, Do we have an approx date for release of Z17 ?

Thank you !

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Currently its not possible to switch between major versions of zorin with the upgrader tool, although it would be coming in near future.

Did you mean a stable version of Zorin 17 core? Because the beta version is already released. we havent been notified with any dates for a stable version, it might take lots of time. you can check out the official blog post here:

Thank you Jayesh,

I am talking about Z17 Pro Stable

So if I want to go from 16 pro to 17 pro stable, I'll need a fresh install with all the moving of personal files and preferences setting that implies ?

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Right now, there is no Zorin 17 pro
By the time a stable version of Zorin 17 pro is released, you'll have the upgrader option to directly upgrade from 16 pro to 17 pro. However, you'll again have to pay for Zorin 17 pro Licence.

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This may need a bit of clarity:
As you say: Currently Zorin OS 17 (stable) and 17 Pro are not yet released so it is not possible to use the Zorin Upgrader to upgrade to them.
It is possible to use the Zorin Upgrader to upgrade from Zorin OS 15 to Zorin OS 16, however.


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