Zebra GX420d shipping label printer

For some strange reason my printers started printing all text backwards. hold up to mirror and can read it fine. Got main printer to print correctly have no clue what I did.
Now my Zebra started printing all shipping labels backwards. It has been printing OK for years.
Have shipping labels to print need help please,

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Have you touched any settings to your printer recently?
Note: I don't know anything about printers as I haven't owned one. :upside_down_face:

Only on main printer which is now working correctly. Zebra label printer has been working correctly for many years.

This sounds like:


Mirrored Printing
If your printed pages emerge looking like the mirror image of your original document, you've activated – accidentally or otherwise – the ability to invert page direction without changing the colors or sizes of the items on the page. These capabilities can feature prominently in the printing options available in graphics software, accommodating printing companies that require inverse output for preparation of output materials, including the plates for screen and offset printing.

The printer is connected by USB. I can not find any setting that will invert the page back to normal. It show normal on screen.
I have deleted the Zebra printer and installed again and no change.
I do know Zebra printers come preinstalled in Zorin.
Have any more ideas.

Here we go again. I opened the above article in a new tab hoping I would get more information don't think I click on anything but I printed a shipping label and it is now fixed , for now anyway.

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