ZenBook 14 with Screenpad

Hello all -

I have an Asus ZenBook 14 with Screenpad - tiny display that functions as a touch pad as well as a widget screen, app controls (like Ardour / Pro Tools etc.), and a number pad.

I know this isn't something readily available now but, are there any insights if the Screenpad devices will get support? The little display does work as a second monitor, sort of. Btw forgot to mention - Zorin installed no issues, with SecureBoot enabled (after install)! All drivers are present - absolutely not sure if there are any apps to enable any of the features, other than a secondary display.

Way way off in left field with that one, I know. I was able to upload some system stats to the Ubuntu team on another device and saw some added things later - drivers mostly. I don't remember if I did the census when installing, also not sure if that sends system stats and such to the Zorin team.

As always - any advice would be appreciated!

No, it does not. The only thing it does is ping that an anonymous user is using Zorin OS. The purpose of the census is to get an idea of how many users are actively using the OS - Not to gather any information about any users.

I am aware of none and can find none on a precursory search... As far as when it may get support? That is very hard to gauge.

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Gotcha - well, that clears that up about the census haha had a feeling it was just a 'how many have it' kinda thing.

Appreciate it though - wasn't able to find anything myself on it either. guess I'll just have to wait!

Yes, I am sorry for giving such a very vague answer. Sometimes - it is all there is to give.

No worries - I know about dead ends haha my Satellite A665-3DV8 never was stable on any Linux distro. Know the pain! hahaha Hopefully time will tell a different story.

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