ZFS read from another booted OS


I have installed zorin 17 pro with encryption and ZFS on my laptop.
I sometime boot from another USB SSD disk that I keep to try other distros.
Can I somehow read my data on the laptop disk from this other OS ???

I used to format with ext4 or btrfs and it is quite simple to read when booted from the USB disk But I'm not quite familiar with ZFS and I would like to be able to bring some data from the ZFS home (encrypted on the laptop disk) to the other USB SSD disk. I can boot Zorin and acces the USB disk but have not really yet found a secure way to bring some data from the ZFS encrypted disk. I also want to be sure that I do not break anything when I'll boot back on Zorin with the laptop disk.
ZFS documentation says we can export/import zfs pool but doen't say anything about what will happen when I'll boot back on the original disk ???

Is anybody having more experience than me on ZFS could explain me please ?


An encrypted disk requires the log-in at the time of boot up if I recall. I have not done it in a long time so I am not sure.

I don't think there is a way to move files from one distribution that you are on at that moment to reach back to the encrypted disk in order to get file from that encrypted disk. It requires the log-in. Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of encryption.

Perhaps try logging into the encrypted distribution and copy the files to another USB/SSD or to the distribution that is not encrypted.

Encryption is good for a laptop you carry around that could potentially get lost or stolen. But the price for that is reduced flexibility.

Yes, encryption looks at the hard drive and hardware it is encrypted to. The other issue is potential loss of data as I have posted elsewhere on this - that is why I never encrypt anything. Perhaps a better method is creating two YUBI keys - one you keep on you, another in a secure location so that the notebook (or desktop) cannot boot without the YUBI key.

a LUKS encrypted disk can alway be decrypted with "cryptsetup" and the passphrase. In the case of ZFS there is a bpool that is encrypted with luks and it contains the keys to decrypt the second partiton wich is directly encrypted with ZFS encryption. My interrogation is about on how to access those 2 pools and not disturb boot capability on the original disk.

Anybody ever chroot in a zorin zfs encrypted filesystem ???