Zinc OS review

I just recently decided to dive into a project of converting my wife's quilting machine into a CNC quilting machine. Since my wife is not a computer person I needed to set up a PC with desktop icons so she can just click on one to start her CNC quilter. But ever since I have been using Z17 I keep finding programs that won't let me make a shortcut or let me add it to the panel.

So I decided to look at some other distros I had downloaded in the past. After trying a couple I found my USB stick with Zinc OS on it and booted it up. I don't think I have actually tried it before. The first thing I noticed was when I went to install it, it used an installation program called Calamares. Wow! Talk about easy. It looks at your system then asks if you want to rewrite the whole disc or rewrite one of the partitions or add Zinc to the existing systems. After you choose what you want it just automatically does the rest.

Another thing I found is that it uses the two file managers. It uses Thunar for regular use and Nemo with two file panes that open at the same time. This makes it very easy to move files around.

And then the main reason I like it is because it lets me add a shortcut to the desktop or the panel easily by just right clicking on the name of the program in the menu.

I was also surprised that it seems to run very well on an old HP all-in-one Pentium PC.

Here is a link to more info: Zinc: An Ubuntu remix that dares to be different • The Register

I'll still use Zorin for my main PCs, but I think Zinc is going to work very well for my dedicated machine for the CNC quilter.

Has anyone else looked at Zinc?

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Yes it is by Tony George and the name has been changed to Asmi Linux.

It is one of my go-to favorites even though I am using Zorin OS as my daily driver.

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