Zoin os 16 lite name 15.3?

Hi every one is am new on this fourm . i have a quetion that when i download zorin os 16 lite the file name shows zorin os 15.3 lite and when i boot into it shows the same zorin os 15.3 . pls help

I just checked this. I get the right iso file when I download. And there is not even an option available that lets you download 15.3 from zorin os website. If you have downloaded from the zorin os website, then try waiting for sometime and then try again. Or try downloading form a mirror.

hey i just got to know that when i download it download it downlods zorin os 16 lite for 64 bit but no options for zorin os 16 lite 32bit

32-bit is no longer supported in future OS's. Thats why the Zorin's didn't bother uploading a version for 32-bit CPU's. If you want continued 32-bit support, you are going to have to stick with Zorin OS 15.3 LITE. All OS's that come out now are only for 64-bit CPU's.


well i was very excited for zorin os 16 lite 32 bit but now nothing left its ok thanks for ur reply .

Hey, @COUNTERNAVY11 I am curious. How is Zorin OS 15.3 LITE running on your computer? What is your computer's hardware SPECS that you are running on it?

Hopefully, that OS hasn't been too much for it, and that it runs smooth and fast. For really old computer's, I usually recommend BionicPup for folks, but it aint no Zorin, can't really compare to Zorin's beauty. lol

i have a old sony vaio laptop with intel centrino duo 1.73 ghz and hard disk with 4 gb ram . i had issues with it sometimes like black screen with mouse after loging after sleep, secone is that i am unable to find any update on software app .thats y i was waitting for zorin os 16 lite , usally it runs fast . i even play games on it . i love old laptop and pc . it took me 2 months to find a os for my old laptop . well do u have any old os wich is still in support with updates like zorin os 15.3.it has two opretaing systems one is windows 8.1 and second is zorin os 15,3 wich is no more because i formated that partion for zorin os 16 lite . i think i was the happiest person when i found zorin os lite

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@Jeslin. Sorry but that is untrue. Z15.3 Lite 32bit is still available on Zorin website.

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