Zoom Dash Icons When Cursor Hovers?

Does anyone know how to make the Dash icons 'zoom' when the mouse cursor hovers over an icon in the Dash?

Thanks in advance.

Well I don't use dash but If you're using Gnome when you right click on the taskbar;

  • choose taskbar settings.
  • then action tab.
  • choose one of the options from "click action"
  • there is a "raise windows" option.

Perhaps that will provide the zoom action you're looking for.

It's not possible with Dash, but instead of Dash you could use Plank instead it has the zoom effect.


I don't use none of them, but I always wondered about this. Why would you install Plank when there is dash to dock/ubuntu dock (and already installed). Is there really so much difference?

Yes, there are large differences. I also like Cairo Dock.

I tried to install Docky. However even with the missing dependencies installed, it would not function properly (e.g. leaking).

Here is a screenshot of my desktop (using Zorin Dash only) with some custom icons. I don't want to use Plank (as I prefer Docky's 3D 'glass' dock) and I just need to have my icons 'zoom' whenever I hover over them (as they do in Docky).