Zoom on Zorin (or perhaps its an Unbuntu or Linux isssue)

I have Zoom for online video conferencing and I bet others do too in this current Covid situation. My issue is that every other app I have in my pannel when opened does not create another icon of itself in the panel which then shows if it is open or minimised (by a line or dot respectively) See image. Why does Zoom create a second icon to the right of itself and not just add the line/dot symbols like everything else? On the image, you can clearly see Zoom has two icons, where as the minimised email app is just one with the dot to signify its open but in a minimised state.

PlayOnLinux and Konversation do the same for me. Seems like it’s just an application-specific quirk.

Thanks. It’s just annoying as it is not consistent with every other app.

I hear you. When I first used POL I thought I’d broken the taskbar.

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