Zoom on Zorin

Zoom on Zorin has a bit more lag than Window's time 'lag' - any way to fix it? The video setup requires no drivers and is a direct plug-and-play mike and camera combo by Jbuds. It's a tad noticeable - lol - thank you for any help. Use it for classes, doctors and such.

I have been steadily using Zoom on Zorin OS for classes daily for months and have not noticed this effect.
Nor can I think of any reasonable explanation that might differentiate it from another user on Windows.

I would recommend starting by checking your network, do a traceroute looking for packet loss and check bandwidth priority.


Are you using Flatpak of Zoom? If so try their .deb package from their homepage instead.


You might try the low latency kernel to ensure that audio and video has guaranteed CPU servicing within a set timeframe. That'll cut down on some of the lag, at least.

More info:

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I did both in the end - though downloading the Zoom app they had for Ubuntu, actually just updated the Zorin app, so I deleted the updated and kept the newest version from the Zoom site. I also did the low latency kernel - which made a more significant difference. Together - excellent. Thank you, gentlemen.

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