Zorin 15.03 Ubuntu 18.04 update

is Zorin 15.03 Ubuntu 18.04 XFCE or KDE without support?

when will the next update for Zorin lite for old computers?

Hello Zorin OS 16.1 lite is available now for download now with all the latest updates, I upgraded a customer`s PC from Zorin OS 12 to 16.1 last week and works a dream like version 12 did. I backed up there data and then did a clean install thank you.

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Zorin 15 Core is based on Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome desktop.
Zorin 15 Lite is based on Xubuntu 18.04 with XFCE.
Both retain the same LTS support as (x)Ubuntu 18.04 does - as well as all security patches. They also include any additional patches supplied by the ZorinGroup.
Sadly, the End of Life was reached in 2021 for Ubuntu 18.04 and for Zorin 15.


Note Z15.3 Lite is the latest and final version for 32bit machines. For avoidance of doubt, there are no Z16 or later releases for 32bit machines.
If you have a 64bit machine, then both Z15.3 Lite and Z16.1 Lite are currently supported.

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till when hast 18.04 a support. what is than?
what about update or upgrade to version


for 32 bit?

It had support until April of 2021 when it reached End of Life (EOL).
32bit support has been nearly universally dropped across the computing world - met with protest but currently unchanged.

I am still getting updates for Z15.3 Core.


Yes Zorin OS 15.3 is still supported.

The Zorin OS 15 release series will continue to be supported with software updates and security patches until April 2023.



That was also my understanding and reason for not rushing to Z16 whilst Z15.3 is solid.


I stand Corrected: I was answering for Zorin OS 12, not 15. My brain did a mix up.

Thanks for being attentive and covering for my folly.

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