Zorin 15.2 Lite 32 Bit VGA cable works but audio cable to tv doesn't?

Tonight was my first attempt at sound on TV and was surprised when I couldn’t get sound through to TV. I hunted for speakers and plugged them in speaker port and I had sound.

Is it possible to get sound via normal audio cable setup with VGA cable to tv?

Standard VGA cable is Video only. No pins/wires for audio.
Do you have standard 15pin cable or something different?

By that do you mean separate audio cable, if so what type?

The normal setup that is on the back of computer. VGA and small black hole beside of it for audio to go to monitor or tv. I was using the same cables that I used with Windows before I did a clean install with Zorin.

Is that “small black hole” for a 3.5mm jack (i.e. like small headphone jack) or something different which may be connector for optical cable for audio. Photo would be useful.

Have you opened alsamixer in terminal and checked that none of the sound outputs are shown muted?
(I am using Z15.3 Core so not sure if alsamixer is included in Lite)

Also see this thread which may help: