HDMI picture but no sound

I’m running Zorin Lite 15.3 on an old HP Pavilion, which has SVGA and HDMI output. When I connect to a projector via HDMI, the image output works, but not sound. There’s no HDMI option in the sound menu, even when connected. I’ve tried with two different projectors, with the same result.

I tried the solution offered here but when I try to install Pulse Audio Manager, I get "Package ‘paman’ had no installation candidate’.

The latest versions of ALSA, Pulseaudio and pavucontrol are already installed.

In the terminal, try sudo alsamixer
On the panel that pops up, scroll to the right until you find “automute”. Make sure it is disabled.

Doesn’t help, I’m afraid.

Quick question.

Have you tried another distro via a live USB? If not, I suggest trying both another XFCE distro and another DE like GNOME or KDE.

This way you can isolate the issue to either your hardware or Zorin Lite.

Also, what is the model number of your Pavilion?

I found the solution; it turned out that the volume control had an extra tab off the right hand edge of the window called Configuration, which has the option of selecting HDMI sound output.


I love it when I see a sound problem has a simple and logical solution, rather than calling on the magic wand or a hammer to fix it, as seems more usual. :smile:
This thread has reminded me to test my speakers again - surprisingly they are still working.

I experience this (?) too. I believe it defaults to headphone jack for sound, ignoring nothing is in it and that HDMI is connected.

Is this a detection error?

In my case, it was a setting on a tab that wasn’t immediately visible.