Zorin 15.3 - How to get Steam to see NTSF partition?

I need help with getting games to run through Steam/Proton. i’m using Zorin 15.3 on a 30 gb partition so i don’t have room to copy over or reinstall the games to the ext4 partition Zorin is on. What i want to do is point steam to the game exe on my ntsf partition and tell it to use Proton to make the game playable. ( already tried the games with Lutris and no luck but I read an article that says I can tell steam to play a non steam game through Proton so I thought i’d try that) The ntsf partition is on the same hard drive my Zorin is installed on. My main problem is Steam in Linux cannot see the ntsf partition so I can point it to the game exe. Can anyone help make this work?