Zorin 15.3 lite not installing on my pc

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So I'm using a machine that has a Core 2 Duo processor and 2 gb of DDR 2 ram. It has 350 gb of HDD. I was trying to install Zorin 15.3 lite in my pc using Bootable Pendrive method. But I am not able to install that. During the installation time it's copying the files but after coming to 30 to 40% the screen goes black and when I move my mouse the screen is still black but the loading loop is showing. I have literally done this process 4 to 5 times but it isn't installing. Please help me cause I can't even use my pc because all the files of Windows 7 are already deleted by zorin during the installation. So kindly help me. Here is the screenshot of loop.

Is this a 32bit or 64 bit machine?

Core 2 Duo processors are 64-bit processors.
The 'original' Core Duo is a 32-bit processor.

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I have a 32bit one
And yes last night the loop was continued so just left that. In morning the Os is installed but in my pendrive. There is no option to install it on my Internal HDD. Now this is my problem :sweat_smile:

Windows 7 may have had Safe boot or Fast boot enabled. Now, you can no longer boot into it to check...
So, what I would first try is to Wipe and Format the drive to ext4, then try running the installer.
If still not detecting the hard drive, check if your sata mode is set to AHCI or to RAID.

So how can I do that without any os(Windows)
Sorry I'm new in this so please help me.
I can't find any way to format my disk to ext4

You can do that from the LiveUSB Zorin OS Installer.
Boot the LiveUSB, then use "Try Zorin."
In the demo, launch Gparted. The easiest way is to open a terminal with ctrl+alt+t and enter in


In the Gparted Partition Manager, select the partition you wish to install Zorin OS on from the list. It should look like /dev/sda3 or something like that. The Big Size partition. Do not remove any other partitions - you might remove the EFI partition if not careful - and you will need that later.
But select the install point partition and then click the button with the minus sign - to remove it.
Once done, then click that newly created free space and click the button with the Plus sign + to add a new partition in that space. A pop up window will ask what you want to do with it... Choose ext4 formatting, primary.
Click apply when ready.

gparted is not installed by default or is it there in the Live CD?

It is present on LiveUSB as it is necessary for the "Something Else" Installation option.

Thank you so much for your great support.
Thank you very very much. I'm really grateful to you! Using the steps I have successfully installed the Zorin OS 15.3 Lite. It was really easy and fast. And thanks to all who have helped me out.



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