Zorin 15.3 stuck on splash screen

My system won't boot anymore, just get stuck on the splash screen. I have a Zorin 15.3 on dual-boot with Windows 10. It worked just fine for some months, but yesterday my graphics card stopped working (a hardware problem) and I switched to the CPU integrated graphics card. It booted, but with tge wrong resolution, so I followed something like this, it worked, and then rebooted, but it got stck on the Zorin splash screen

I've tried booting with the nosetmode flag, it passed the splash screen but got stucked on a black screen. Removing quiet splash from or adding nosplash to the flags to get a text output of the problem seemed to make it stuck on the grub.

I'm really lost now, as all sites seem to ask me to do the same thing, that definitely didn't worked out for me.

Also tried: