Zorin 15.3 Student Lite on non Pae cpus

Hello guys.

I would like to know if it’s possible install the zorin 15.3 Student Lite on non PAE CPUs.

A message appear “… use force PAE instruction on your own risk”

How I am novate on Linux world I don’t know how to fix it and finally install this OS.

My computer is a Thinkpad T42p, except this pae, I think that is enogh to run.
2gb ram, 250gb (msata 850 evo), Pentium M 1.8Ghz.

So, since the this installation fail, I tried other OS, the antiX 19.3, which runs fine.

But… I want to try the zorin because this student version.

Someone could get me some suggestions?

Thank you!
Have a nice Sunday!

Hi, Armando.
Can you try this?

Hi. Thank you! I will to try it!