Zorin 15 Ultimate

Hi There,

I have just purchased Zorin OS 15 Ultimate, I am wondering how I am meant to re-download it say on another computer in the future? I thought it may of asked me to create an account to save my license and what not to my name but it seems that is not the case… If anyone could explain what the process is that would be great :slight_smile:


I think it is a simple as making a request for another copy by using your original email address, but wait for a fuller answer from “the powers that be”.


When I bought it, the email I was sent had a link that can be used at any time. But that was back in 2019 - maybe the procedure is different now.

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Hi @LS.EXE, welcome to the forum! We’ve just now sent you another email with the download link.

You’ll be able to re-download your copy of Zorin OS 15 Ultimate at any time and as many times as necessary using this download link.

If you ever lose this email, you can get a new email sent to you again by clicking the “Already purchased Zorin OS 15 Ultimate” link on the download page as @Xanadux mentioned.