Zorin 16.1 core requiring boot repair every third or fourth boot attempt

I’m a newbie here, please forgive if this is not the way i should do this. i am running a 64 bit 16.1 core on my toshiba laptop. The installation went off without a hitch. Note every third or fourth boot i must use the boot repair. The report is as follows: Please write on a paper the following URL:

In case you still experience boot problem,

indicate this URL to:

boot.repair@gmail.com or to your favorite support


You can now reboot your computer.


Please do not forget to make your UEFI firmware

boot on the Zorin OS 16.1 (16) entry (sdal/EFV/-

ubuntu/shimx64.efi file) ! had no h hiccups. It booted perfectly the first three times. On the fourth attempt, it locked on the flash screen making me use boot repair to boot. It worked! I thought problem solved! Then on the fourth attempt it wouldn’t boot again. Every time i reach the third or fourth boot attempt i have to use boot repair. Please help it’s very frustrating. The report from the repair was the following:

Think you need to use pastebin.ca as the report is not showing and the forum has limits on posts.

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