Zorin 16.1 Installer doesn't respect UPDATE settings

While installing zorin using the installer, I notice that the installer doesn't respect the settings for downloading/installing updates and third party software if the internet is connected and working while installing zorin.
Both in Lite and Pro, I had deselected the options to install updates and third party softwares in the installer, yet when it was done installing it started downloading the updates and then install them while giving me an option to Skip them on the side.

Which should only happen when the options were selected.

To the best of my knowledge (and I could be wrong) this bug in Ubiquity appears when a user installs while Secure Boot is Enabled.

Can you please clarify if Secure Boot is enabled in your BIOS / EFI settings?

Sadly, this can only be addressed by the Ubiquity development team.

Not particularly. I am using/trying zorin atm in virtualbox and VB does not have any secure boot option for it. I do have the EFI option enabled though. But that is all.

Are you using VB in Windows? Try Virt Manager instead:

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