Zorin 16.1 lite legacy bios

Iam new in zorin os
I want to install zorin os 16.1 lite in my old notebook

Can i install zorin os 16 lite on old laptop with legacy bios?

I have try before make linux live usb
But i can not make live usb on mbr bios mode

What is the model/specs?

I use rufus to make live usb
I chocce mbr legacy bios

But it always fail in proccess with zorin 16.1 lite iso

I try to change iso file with win 7 iso it is success to make live usb

Is your old notebook 32 bit or 64 bit? That's why I ask for model.

Acer travelmate 4720

Intel core 2 duo 2ghz
Support 64 bit
Bios legacy
Ram 1 gb

1 GB RAM? I would advise you to use a lighter Linux Distro than Zorin Lite. The Zorin Lite will work, but if you want to do something else than looking at the pretty OS you need something lighter.

I would advise you download the i386 version of MX-Linux


or the 32-bit version of Devuan:

Or Antix 21 i386

Antix only uses 256 Mb RAM so is extremely light. If you had 2 Gb RAM I would advise you could run 64-bit.

I have 64-bit MX-Linux I installed on my good lady's pc from 2006 which has 2 Gb RAM and 256 Mb AGP Graphics card, with an Athlon 64 processor, single core.

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Thanks for advice
I try download other distro

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