Zorin 16.1 live no wifi icon

I'm currently running Zorin 15.3 on an older Dell laptop. I'm trying 16.1 off a DVD I burned. Under Settings > Network the only option is Wired > Cable unplugged. There is no icon for wifi. I perused the old thread "Wifi icon missing and not able to connect" and from there tried "sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager" with no joy. Wifi works in Zorin 15.3 and Windows 10. I'm an absolute newby with no idea of what to try next. Suggestions?

Install Zorin 16.1 on your drive, boot into it, do updates, and see if that works

It's unlikely that the drivers have been removed, maybe they just require some updating or get downloaded afterwards :man_shrugging:

OK, I can try that. I have a wired connection to my router that will allow the Dell access to the internet. I guess the worst that can happen is I can't get 16.1 to connect wirelessly, and then have to reinstall 15.3.
Thanks for the reply, TGRush

Also for best results, make sure Software Updater is pointing to "Main Server", not a regional server.

Sounds like it needs proprietary drivers. A clean install / upgrade to 16.1 should fix the issue. Otherwise it's because of the dual boot, windows can do things like messing with drivers when dual booting alongside on the same drive.

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