Zorin 16.1 vs Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon

Is Zorin OS superior to Linux Mint 12.1 Cinnamon Edition, and if so, in what ways?

This is much like asking whether one preferred vehicle type is superior to another preferred vehicle type.
While it can draw out interesting debates centered around opinions and personally relevant preferences, it cannot factually produce a result.
They are not inferior or superior to each other - they are different and these differences can be compounded by individual wants and needs.

To Me Personally:
I used to consider them fairly equal in terms of use. However, recent additions to Mint have restricted it more whereas Zorin OS has been more open and showed willingness to listen to suggestions for openness.
Both are easy to use and to install and both are applicable for new users moving over from Windows or Mac.
Both offer great software, default settings and great Desktop Environments. And I, for one, find Cinnamon D.E. to work excellently on Zorin OS when installed by the user. Cinnamon is solid, intuitive and fun to use.
For a user like me that enjoys learning the bones of Linux itself, I have found Mint is increasingly more difficult to change configurations on or to customize. The centralized MintUpgrader tool has much to do with this and getting around it or removing it is like pulling teeth. Without a numbing agent.
Zorin OS has only one customization restriction: Changing the function of the Super Key (Only applicable on Zorin Gnome. On Zorin Lite, it is a breeze).
That's it. While that one is a bit annoying, I would take that one over the slew of the others any day.

The ZorinGroup has one key advantage that makes me quite happy with Zorin OS.
They listen to feedback. Carefully. They weigh it. They think it over, research it and consider the ramification. They are quiet about doing this... But the evidence in the Feedback Section and the additions or changes throughout Zorin OS in the last several released additions are undeniable.
They do not always agree or act on every suggestion. But they give each one Fair time in the spotlight.
And far too many developers do not do this. They are quicker to reject ideas based on their own wants and ways of doing things or to be too dismissive of others preferences.
(MX Linux has demonstrated the same quality as Zorin OS devs, too).
Mint Listens... more or less. They consider... as long as it is not something too far out from their own ideas.
They are good about it. Or good enough.
Zoringroup is great about it.

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I can sayed both are good. Propably something people choose for preferences or something else. That is in linux diffrent people, diffrent innovations and ideas.
The one what Zorin have - They are unanimous in their development projects.
Often Linux projects fall apart because everyone has a different opinion, an example is Solus, Ikey Doherty.
I still have Zorin Pro with a desktop Cinnamon and it worked great.

Zorin has a better design than Mint. But that's just my opinion.

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I use the Cinnamon DE on Zorin Pro and have been almost since moving from Win 10 to Linux .... as I don't do any tinkering anymore and have everything set up just how I like it I have no problems to speak of ....

One thing I learned is to trust the Zorin's with ALL their updates .... I didn't do that with M$ ..... and my life has been much less complicated now .....

As far as some customization I still do that with themes and icons from folks like Aravisian and Storm but other stuff .... no way .....

I haven't used Gnome in a very long time .... about a year ..... so I can't really give comparison of the two as I'm sure a lot has changed in that length of time .... I do have Xfce installed but see no reason to use it either ....

I know one when coming new version Zorin 17 i will be using that. I reading yesterday łindows will be more trash with buying and bloat many apps what i will never using. Zorin is clear from that all bloat and telemetry etc.

Thanks for sharing your insights and personal experience with Zorin OS and Mint. I can see why you prefer Zorin OS for its openness and willingness to listen to feedback. I have also heard good things about both operating systems and I'm considering trying them out myself.

I agree, the design of Zorin OS does seem to be well-received by many users. Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to the design of an operating system, and it's great to hear that Zorin OS meets your expectations in that aspect. Thanks for sharing your opinion

Have you noticed any other benefits or drawbacks since switching from Windows 10 to Zorin Pro? I'd love to hear more about your experience.

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I'm sure you'll enjoy the clean and streamlined experience that Zorin provides

My opinion on this

It's subjective to say whether Zorin OS is superior to Linux Mint 12.1 Cinnamon Edition as it depends on individual preferences and needs. However, here's my personal opinion:

I believe that Zorin OS has a more modern and polished user interface, which might appeal to some users. Additionally, Zorin offers more versatility in terms of hardware compatibility and software compatibility with Windows and other systems.

On the other hand, Linux Mint 12.1 Cinnamon Edition is known for its stability and reliability, which might be a priority for other users. Additionally, the Cinnamon desktop environment is known for its user-friendliness and customizability, which might be preferred by some users.

Both Zorin OS and Linux Mint 12.1 Cinnamon Edition have their strengths and weaknesses, and it ultimately comes down to what the user values the most in their operating system

Linux Zorin if we talking about Linux operating systems.
I don't compare Linux Zorin to windows operating systems or apple because they are diffrent. I am impressive how evolve linux after 30 years that is incredible.

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I agree with you,Linux has evolved over the years, and it's a testament to the strength and versatility of the open-source community. Comparing Linux to Windows or Apple is not a fair comparison, as they are designed for different purposes and users. It's great to see that you're impressed with the progress of Linux and the continued innovation within the Linux community

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Yes but for everything we must grow up and understable. The difficult is understable things if you was in half life closed in aquarium operating system what was microsoft. Linux for meis a challenge like a lego where you can create or build what you want to your preferences.

I would like to add a few points to that. While I appreciate the user-friendly and easy-to-use interface of Windows, I have concerns about its privacy and security. On the other hand, I have found Zorin OS to be a great alternative in terms of user interface and ease of use for non-technical people. Additionally, Linux has come a long way and is not as complicated as it used to be. The large community behind it is a major plus, and I enjoy using it immensely.

Checked out Mint over the years and it was just too old and frumpy looking. Zorin was the first distro I saw that looked like a commercial OS so I switched from Windows. The fact that Win11 wouldn't install on my PCs without a hack was the final straw.


Here is most talking about linux that for some windows subject propably exist a topic "trash". Idk but some time exist tiny11 for older a computers but idk. I don't checked that.

In mint
bourne@bourne-desktop:~$ LANG=C pactl info | grep '^Server Name'
Server Name: PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.63)

Where to begin ..... first off I haven't found anything to dislike about Zorin only a few challenges ..... I enjoyed Win 10 Pro unlike some people I just didn't like the way MS treats people .... like you don't have a brain and they need to control how you believe and function .....

The final straw for me was when I wouldn't be able to use Win 11 on my 2 year old Asus gaming laptop but was told I needed to buy a new laptop to run it .... they have since I understand lowered their requirements but that was to late for me ..... having been with M$ since before Windows I was mad enough to start looking for something new .....

Apple was out of the question for both price and learnability .... if I had to learn a new OS I wanted it to be simpler ..... I had tried Linux once before years and years ago with LinDoz but couldn't get my head around it because MS had me convinced they needed to hold my hand and spy on me in every facet of my computer experience .....

Linux was not easy to learn especially as I am up in years 77 and kinda set in my ways ..... which isn't a good scenario for change ..... it makes it hard to grasp new ideas ..... but I did with the kind help of the board members here and their understanding of the ins and outs of how Zorin operates .....

So what is different ..... first .... the terminal .... it is the most important thing you NEED to learn in order to enjoy Zorin to it's fullest ..... yes you can use Zorin with out using the terminal but you are limiting your self and your ability to open new horizons when it comes to Linux .....

Find the most common commands and make a little notebook to copy them in or you can do like I do and copy all the commands recommended in the Tutorial & Guides and paste that into the office program of your choice and save that in your Documents Folder .... I have mine saved by category .....

Now we have that out of the way ..... find the programs you are most comfortable with ..... by default Zorin has made some choices for you and they are good ones but if you are like me ..... hard headed ..... you will want your own choices .....

You can use Synaptic Package Manager (I think t must be installed by the terminal) and so you have your first terminal adventure ..... how to can be found using the mag-glass in the header .....

You can also use the web but that will usual require you to have a bit more experience as downloaded from there can have it's pit falls .....

Use the Software Center which is where I started ...... most of the choices will be alien to you but read their description carefully and if after trying them you decide they aren't for you you can remove them .....

Then there is the big one ..... read the Tutorials & Guides ..... and ask the members of the board for help ..... remember the only stupid question is the one you don't ask ...

So the short answer to your question is I love Zorin and will never go back willingly to M$ ..... Windows could be a great OS but for the manipulation by the M$ developers ...... and as we know that will never change so for me this is my home .....

I personally don't like Cinnamon DE, not in terms of appearance but because you can't disable Pulse Audio - ALSA is far more superior to Pulse. For me now it has to be KDE (Plasma) and a distro without systemd.