Zorin 16.2 core - 20.04?

Hello everyone,
Currently using Zorin 0s 16.2 Core and noticed that Zorin 16.2 is using 20.04 ubuntu base. Why isn't Zorin using 22.04.1 LTS? When will Zorin use the Current 22.04.1 LTS? I like what Zorin has done with 16.2 however it's disappointing to see that the base is not 22.04.1.

The majority of Ubuntu-based Distros jump from LTS to LTS.
This includes Zorin OS.
What this inevitably means is that the Ubuntu-based distros are always going to have to be based on the Previous Stable Build, not the latest and most Cutting Edge build.
This logically follows since it takes time to develop the Distro.

Unless the Distro Developer works for Canonical as well... They do not have all the components handy to assemble their distro pre-release of the next Latest Ubuntu.
They must wait for it to be released first. Just like everyone else. Then, their job of development begins.

Ubuntu 20.04 is a Supported Stable LTS Operating system. It will receive full support updates until Apr 2025. It will receive extended security updates until Apr 2030.

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Interesting because 22.04.1 is not cutting edge, it's just the current LTS. Version 22.10 is considered the cutting edge from what i've read.

Yes. It is the Current LTS Version. Current.

When using a Free Operating System, members can choose to ensure their expectations and what they feel they are entitled to are reasonably met in order to check their Own Disappointment.

Thread Closed.

LTS is used for the Long Term Support, because it is generally more reliable, stable and receives patches longer. Also non LTS versions can have features added and dropped with little warning which can cause issues to developers and and downstream Distros such as ZorinOS.
These are also the reasons why companies use RHL, CentOS and Debian for mission critical applications, they are not cutting edge but they are stable and reliable and receive security updates often, well except for centos its going away now.

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I have reopened this topic after allowing some Cool Off Period.

The issue raised by the O.P. in this thread is not a controversial one. It is, however, a heated one.
I can easily see how a person not mindful of the stages of development may not fully realize what goes into a development cycle, the time and work it takes, much less the extensive testing period that must follow it.
Even using Known Stable Packages - bugs happen.

This has been a topic that has been coming up - a lot - from many different members - lately. The topic of: "I just want the latest package." This topic comes up in regards to the Kernel. Regards to the Packages. Regards to Snap and Flatpak. Regards to the Base.
ZorinGroup implemented a Higher Kernel in Zorin OS, far higher than in Ubuntu 21.04 and equal to the kernel used in Ubuntu 22.04.
ZorinGroup includes many packages that are a higher version than Ubuntu 20.04 does.
Zorin OS includes Snap and Flatpak by default included in the Software store, so users can install and use the Latest Available Packages, even if not the latest in APT.
Zorin OS Lite includes XFC4.16 whereas Xubuntu 20.04 uses XFCE4.14.
And... Those running older machines began posting on the forum, having a great deal of trouble getting that later kernel to work on their machines. When one group got favored, another fell between the cracks.
It is much easier for a user with newer hardware to upgrade their kernel than it is for another user to compile an older kernel into their installation .iso.

There are times when a latest package does bring patches, fixes and new features.
And there are plenty of times when it brings only minor changes, removals, regressions and new bugs. The Current Stable Package is usable, functional and good but users say, "No... I want More"
In actuality, whether a person needs the latest package is solely dependent on what the latest package actually offers. Did it bring security or bug fixes or features that they need?
The user is responsible for knowing and researching this. The developers cannot know the individual users needs.

I am not a member of the ZorinGroup. I do not work for them. I am not employed by them. I am a member of the forum.
I do develop things independently - small minor things. Much of which I have not released at this time as I am not confident that they are my best work. Yet, I feel that pressure, I know it well - of trying to meet Expectations and Demands.
When those Expectations venture into areas which are unreasonable to even try to meet - That a user expresses "Disappointment" that the software is not able to meet a demand that is largely not possible to meet... How does a person politely respond to that without offending the person stating their expectations?

I can try explaining the development cycle, only to have that swept aside to shift the goalposts.

Forum posts appeared within a week of the Initial Release of Zorin OS 16, prior to even the release of Zorin OS 16 Lite - asking when Zorin OS 17 would be released. Within a Week!
The ZorinGroup then included that in the Zorin OS Page FAQ. Within a handful of days of the release of Zorin OS 16.

Ubuntu 22.04 was only released in April of This Year.

This topic was closed on the O.P., not by the O.P. and for that reason, it is only fair to reopen it.
But it is conditional. Any discussion at this point forward needs to focus on reasonable and realistic ideas about development cycles.
Veruca Salt is not welcome in the thread.


Perhaps, however there are a lot of code changes that may interfere with the current software that runs on 20.04 that is not compatible with 22.04.

You can not just "update" to the newest version put out, it requires a full system upgrade in most cases. As was already pointed out, this was just released in April, it takes more than a few months to make all the changes necessary.

It's the same with software, whether that be on Linux, Mac or Windows. Have you ever noticed that even on Windows software will state which version of Windows it will work? The same applies to Linux. That's why you can't use software made for Win XP only on Win 10 or the reverse.

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When Zorin 16 was in development, the developers used the available and current, at that time, LTS release of Ubuntu. Since then, with the release of 16.2, we have seen (as stated above) the kernel version used in Zorin surpass the Ubuntu 22 LTS kernel version. While Zorin 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, it has already surpassed Ubuntu 22.04, which would bring older versions of the kernel and firmware (the entire reason to use the latest LTS is these two because it supports more hardware and introduces bug and security fixes). Again, the Zorin Group has surpassed the latest LTS version.

It is odd that people are not happy with the current stable Zorin OS. If you want the latest, feel free to switch to Arch or a rolling release distro... but plan on repairing your OS regularly, since none of them are stable.

Which is better... the latest or the most stable OS? This is a matter of preference, so please don't answer it... the question is rhetorical.