Zorin 16.2 hangs on install on Acer Aspire ES 15 33 (Win 10, Pentium N4200)

Clean install of Win 10, Pentium N4200 (quad core), 8GB memory, 2TB HDD.

Trying to overwrite Windows - not dual boot

Installing from ISO on USB created with Rufus
Secure Boot disabled, as well as Fast Boot

What happens on boot:
Reads USB
Offers install options screen
Validates checksum
Shows error "4.942936 Integrity: Problem loading X509 certificate -65" twice
Shows another message too quick to read but concerns "missing cache ???"
Zorin logo pulses for about ten seconds
Zorin logo freezes
System hangs with screen showing green Acer logo and a static Zorin logo

Any advice appreciated, thanks


Disable Secure Boot in your BIOS / EFI settings, then with that done, boot into the existing Windows.
(Secure Boot is for Windows only and since you are not going to use Windows nor dual Boot, it would be senseless to leave it enabled).
Once booted into Windows, go to the Control Panel > Power Manager and follow the steps to Disable Fast Boot or Fast Startup (you may need to do a quick google search on how to disable Windows Fast Boot if you are having trouble).

With both of those disabled, you should be able to proceed to Zorin OS install without that hiccough.

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Thanks for your swift reply

I am booting from USB by using F12 to bring up Boot options and then selecting USB Linux (Flash)

I have disabled Secure Boot, and Fast Boot too

Also removed power supply and reset battery.

But the same error occurs - system hangs after about ten seconds with Acer logo and static Zorin logo

I have attached a screenshot of additional error messages showing before chksum process

Could it be some other BIOS setting?


Yes, it mentions it in your screenshot. Windows was still running and not fully shutdown and has maintained a lock on the drive.

Was this done just prior to booting?

Yes, it was

I have also now run the installer in verbose mode. The screen print out is very long but here is an image of the point at which the process hangs - last entry
[OK] Started Switcheroo Control Proxy service



Are you installing UEFI or MBR?

Sorry, not sure how I can find that out.............

In your BIOS / Settings (Motherboard).
You may need to look up the Specifics based on your make and model of computer.

UEFI I think


Well, you could try changing UEFI to Legacy and see if that works... But Before You Do That...

Try launching gparted in the LiveUSB of Zorin OS.
Select the partition you wish to install Zorin OS to.
Click the (-) icon to delete it.
Click the newly created free space.
Click the (+) button to add formatting to that free space.
Format the partition in ext4.
Once formatting is complete, then launch the Zorin OS Installer from the desktop icon.
See if it runs through...

There seems to be no way to change from UEFI to Legacy. I don't think that option exists in this BIOS

Also I don't think I can run Zorin from the USB. The installer doesn't get that far.

Thanks for all your help and advice, but now I have decided to abandon the attempt to install Zorin on this machine.


There are two fast boots in a system with windows. One is in the bios. The other is implemented by windows. You can use Before You Install to remove windows fast boot, which locks the drive from change by anything other than windows.

You are almost there, don't give up so easily.

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Thanks for the encouragement!

But I have done all the applicable steps recommended in Before You Install:

  • disabled Secure Boot
  • disabled Fast Start Up
    plus I have fully shut down the system, and reset the battery to clear any residual cache.

If you see the first screenshot above it looks as though Windows leaves data in the system files - "Metadata kept in windows cache, refused to mount"

I don't know how to clear this cache, and I don't feel confident about repartitioning the disk, etc. or formatting the disk.

I hate to let Windows get the better of me but you can see why I am discouraged


The best way to build confidence is to accept that you are capable and dive in reaching for success.

What is the worst that could happen? You wipe your drive and windows is no longer there. Though it's not an ideal consequence, it is not the end. It doesn't "brick" your computer (very little will). It would mean having to reinstall windows.

Taking your time, following the tutorial and asking questions help you achieve what you want, learn and become confident.

Just make sure you backup any personal data before you begin.

There is no need to be anxious or fear any particular outcome. There is an entire community here that would be willing to help you through any difficulties.

The O.P. said he has no intention of using Windows.

So even that risk is not a concern.

OK, thanks

So how do I clean Windows completely off the drive if I am unable to mount Zorin on the USB drive (and use gparted)?

Can I do the same thing in the Windows cmd line?


Why are you unable to use LiveUSB? Really, the way forward is with LiveUSB.

OK, I misunderstood you and thought LiveUSB was on the Zorin 16.2 USB

I will look into LiveUSB now


OK, did all suggested.

Even wiped the HDD completely and repartitioned using gparted but still the installer hangs

Same thing happens with Mint 21.1 Xfce which won't even get as far as installing the USB option

So closing this now - laptop has gone to recyclers

Thanks for your time