Zorin 16.2 on a new Dell XPS laptop i7 12700H 4k screen by a linux noobee june 2023

canonical spies.

Source on this?

Secure Boot is For Windows Only. It is a Windows feature. The Aforementioned MOK is for handling Secure Boot.

This sounds like a graphic issue. What graphics drivers are you using? Do you have integrated Intel and dedicated Nvidia?

This is inaccurate. The apps in the store are checked and maintained.

There are word filters in place for a reason. You repeatedly bypass them in order to violate the guidelines.

It is not an old kernel. There are things that must be understood about the kernel and one of them is that you need the kernel that matches your hardware.

Linux is a learning curve. While we can all understand how learning new things can be frustrating, it is better to ask about one thing at a time and learn in manageable chunks.
You call your review "honest" but much of it is a series of assumptions without verification.
There are more productive ways of addressing and handling your Linux Experience. Pretty much everyone is frustrated when trying to learn a new system. I have been pretty harsh in some of my own reviews of experiences.
I skimread the O.P. it was so long.

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Ok , this kernel update was a big mistake ! This is like a microsoft update gone wrong. gnome-shell keeps pushing my cpu and the fan keep blowing. Moving windows is not smooth. Is there a way to turn this update back ? Restore point , update roll back ?
I wasn't planning of already leaving zorin . But I backed up all that I'm taking with me.

Secure Boot is For Windows Only ? Is it ?
Microsoft has some sort of security issue with it and the patch is difficult but will be mandatory next year. It also said it will be done in consultation with linux folks because linux was affected too. Yes you want a source , it was in tech news more than a month ago .
Yes I know now about MOK .

About trim : I did a search and nothing useful came up. I've bookmarked your link.

The apps in the store are checked and maintained ?
At least not for Audacity , look at my essay.

" new things can be frustrating "

I am not frustrated. Zorin is pitched as a distro for people that come from windows . I tried it and found a whole list of big and small annoyances . I wrote this big essay about it to help others and what to expect in real life , not the colored superficial reviews on youtube.

Maybe get some tips from you guys to even the balance. The first tip (kernel) was already the worst. My fans are doing overtime , did the kernel engage the nV graphics for just surfing ? Because it has never been this hot. I can't see it because zorin doesn't show it in their system monitor. I guess MINT is coming today.

Ok , that's it . It won't cool down idling. Pulling the plug on zorin.

Secure Boot is for WIndows.
For people that Dual Boot Linux and Windows, Microsoft signed off on Linux packages in order to ensure that Linux can still work on a machine that has Secure Boot enabled.

Yes. From the grub menu, select Advanced Options for Zorin.
Choose the previous 5.15.0-73 or -75 kernel to boot from.

Yes. Just because they are not the latest possible version does not mean that they are unchecked and unmaintained. Look at all the trouble you just had on the Latest Kernel. The latest is like Beta, with LTS being Long Term Stable.

Yes I'm back. I went into bios to put secure boot back on, because yes I want to see whether MINT will install with it on for a future dual boot. Of course zorin did not want to start and in that very tiny menu I could select the kernel 5 again , and all is well . No more heat , no more gnome shell hogging of the cpu. Fans quiet. So what went wrong ? Even if the kernel 6 was better , would it really neutralize some of the many negatives , listed above ?

This is a problem with Linux in general and 4k support. We need more development in Linux for 4k. In the meantime, there are a couple fixes that we can try.
For now, this thread contains way too many different things that you may want to fix. It is better to start a new thread for each separate issue. This benefits everyone as it allows them to find a solution to same problem without having to swim through an ocean of distractions.

Can you name the exact kernel that caused the issue? That might help narrow things down a bit.


My OP was not really meant to get support for every little thing that I found to be wrong with Zorin.
I'm not hoping for much of a solution. It is a review for people to realisticaly see what it is really like when installing Zorin. I put this in the feedback category of this forum , not hoping to get help for it. Zorin is what it is .

When I installed Zorin OS 16 on my new machine with Nvidia 3060 card, I had zero problems. Every single thing worked out of the box. Many other users posted the same.
You posted that you experienced differently. So that is realistic, but not holistic.

It sounds like you have a pretty new machine. Please remember that the hardware is built for the Dominant OS on the market: Windows.
Linux must play catch-up with the drivers and software in order to support the hardware, even as the hardware manufacturers turn a blind eye toward Linux.
Those with the Newest Hardware - will experience the worst of this.

You have definitely expressed that you want to escape Windows.
That leaves you with trying out Mac; for which you would need to buy their computer...
Chrome OS, and buying a Chrome book (Not how I would go about it)...
Or Linux.

Have you tested LiveUSB of Ubuntu 22.04 on that machine yet? If not, it may be worth trying that to see how it performs.

Oh... And have you tried Zorin OS Lite? I use Zorin OS Lite exclusively.

I recommended Ubuntu 23.04 because it has the later kernel.

22.04 has the 5* kernel.

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It also is patched to meet the most hardware requirements. It is worth a shot. I mean if we are flinging LiveUSB's around, it's not a big deal.

@Rick2023 , it also helps to remember that Linux is community contribution and community driven.
This is not Microsoft, which has pulled gobs of money out of you either directly with Subscribe for Service, OS payment or indireclty through advertising, sponsors and questionable actions with your data.
We are volunteers.

100% - so "I dropped my opinion. I didn't ask for help" is antithetical to how the community will approach it. We like helping folks.

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Kind of everything worked out of the box too , just not well enough or as good as in windows.

Mac or chrome are no options and if I have to ignore telemetry and privacy then I'll stay with windows .
Ubuntu desktop look is not for me and canonical is to be avoided.
I don't think Zorin lite is going to change much about all the negatives I 've summed up.

I understand of course. I would love to read something so detailed like I did about Mint or other distro's . I placed everything , hardware, software is 1 (big) essay.

I'm in MINT now , same kernel 5.

Nice comprehensive experience overview, I think this reflects the linux desktop experience overall, I have been using Zorin OS for the last couple of months, I got to agree with you in terms of : audio quality sucks, touchpad gesture lacking, web page zoom(this big for me), Software installation hassle, should be better desktop integration of .appimages as it's as close to .exe for windows.
I am not sure how long you have been using Zorin OS, but with little bit of tweaking and linux knowledge you could overcome most of the annoying parts. Something you can't do anymore with Windows.

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Thanks ! Some of the annoyances I wrote about are found here on the Zorin forum by others too , with no solution.
I put it here in forum feedback not Hardware support or General help because I don't expect much help with things that are too built in the Zorin OS to easily change.
Just the problem updating the kernel reminds me of all the Windows updates that went wrong. At least linux updates don't take forever !
I've used Zorin for 10 days , looking at my list , I knew enough . Notice that I don't get any reactions to the most importants things .
Sure some tweaking may make it better , but there are just too many things wrong (for me) . Now MINT is sort of the same base as Zorin , but even after 1 day I find it just a little better. But same problems as zorin with the touch pad , webpage zoom , not sensing an HP on the audio output. No indication which GPU is used and how much it is used .
Mint seems to come with better software apps than Zorin. Mint definately needs secure boot OFF ! Start up with the tiny screen (on 4k) , is worse than Zorin. Taskbar buttons are way better. No sticky "modified" to the right side of file explorer window and so on. Oh and renaming is better than zorin , but not as good as windows.