Zorin 16.2 on a new Dell XPS laptop i7 12700H 4k screen by a linux noobee june 2023

Honestly... I really do not agree with you that the hurtles are bigger. They are just different.

I could make a list a mile long about Windows OS. Of all the annoyances, things I feel are just Off (Like the Device Manager Window not matching the system theme) and how very difficult it is to modify or change any of these (Going into Regedit and creating new D-Words... It's a major hassle.).

Any person, if they so desired, could make a list a mile long about any extant Operating System - and this is easily done simply because of the variety and diversity of how people prefer things to be set up. How they prefer their settings. How they like to access things. How they want them organized.

In other words, it's all about personal preferences and perceptions.
Not that people don't care about their workflow. Quite the opposite, really.
And no one is ignoring your Feedback. Or discounting it. Admittedly, for its length, it is daunting to read. But given time and motive, the entire list could be gone through and yes - Much of it likely solved since much of it is solvable due to it being a matter of preferences.

This is valid. In a perfect world, someone else has matching preferences and needs as yours and also happened to create a Distro that fits you like a glove. But the world is imperfect. For me, personally, I found a lot of fun in distro hopping, configuring, customizing and exploring. You are just a different person and may have other priorities. But - you still have the option of considering the Fun Side, too.

It seems to me that once your mind shifted toward a more Critical View, you stayed in that negativity mindset. It makes it easy to find fault.

In my first ten days of using Zorin OS - I complained. A lot. I found fault with almost everything.
But as time passed and I learned more, regained control over my system that MS had denied me, Linux open new doors that I did not even know existed. Now, I cannot even relate to that person I was in my first ten days of Linux. It was like another lifetime.
I hope that you have a similar experience and as Linux opens doors for you - You enjoy going through them to find the other side.

Sorry , but how is that in any way important ? Device manager in windows is something you rarely use when your system is set up right. Yes there are the manufacturer driver updates every now and then , but does the "theme" matter there at all ? Is your workflow broken by it ?
Until febr this year I was on winXP (that's 17 years) , I adapted to W11 , don't like it but it is still user friendly. 10 days in Zorin disappointing , now again in Mint , discovering everything , bad apps and all . Distro hopping is not for me. Maybe if you have 1 computer where everything goes well , and another to experiment with , like distro hopping , where it doesn't matter much , and you can put aside or quit whenever you want , sure. But this trying out with your main computer like me , not doable. I still have my working XP computer , but that stays XP ( well media centre edition, not the regular , ugly-er XP).

I am not a computer guy . A computer is a tool for me to get the things done , easy and efficiently. I don't want to get bothered by updates , or forced into new operating systems that are worse than the one I had. Of the 17 years with XPmce, the last 11 I didn't do any windows updates , no problems , everything works , except websites didn't open or render right in XP browsers .
W11 takes away a lot and now we must look forward to update and "moments" where they give back what they left out ? Or linux that makes it difficult to even get to the userfriendliness of windows ?
Yes it is all about personal preferences and perceptions , and that's why MS keeps what 90 % ? of the regular PC users while decades of Linux a few % .

How many of your quibbles about Linux could someone give this exact same dismissive response to?

It breaks the flow when non-uniform looking apps pop up.
Also, if it is not important to you, is it invalid for it to be important to me?

Device manager in windows looks exactly the same from XP to W11. (maybe even before XP).

Sure there are "quibbles" about Linux that may not be important to others , it is the whole of all those minor and major things that make zorin not the go to for people coming from windows , as said in YT video's or other websites (ZDnet) .

It's odd. W11 over-all looks very different from many of its applications (Device Manager being one of them) that still is themed by a resource file. Essentially - gtk2.

You have been clear in your feedback that it is not necessarily how you expect or want it configured by your desires or needs.
And your feedback is important as it can help development address and improve the operating system.

But to say it is not the go-to for people migrating from Windows is starkly contradicted by the sheer number of users.
Zorin OS is a good and solid distro for new and experienced Linux users alike.

Many of your complaints are quite valid. For example, lack of setting mouse scroll speed. 4k support.
Some of them, however, are just areas of learning for you - for example, TRIM for SSD's, partition management. And a rather long list of things about how to set appearance or changing software... I must admit that the vast majority of your opening post falls down to your willingness to take back control over your own computer.

For you, Linux is new and unfamiliar. Linux works differently than Windows and no Linux Distro can mimic Windows to such an extent as to be indistinguishable from Windows. And importantly, most users would not want it to. One of the biggest reasons people want away from Windows is not just the feeling of being micromanaged and spied on - It is the very manner in which Windows operates.

I say in full confidence that Zorin OS is an ideal distro for newcomers to Linux. But it is not the only one. Many are good. Including MXLinux, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Ubuntu Flavors, Pop_OS and many more.
They are not Windows. But they are good Operating Systems.

That being said; I cannot provide a link...
But there is a version of Windows out there that is Stripped Down and simplified. It is fully functional, just lacking the Microsoft aspects. An Internet search may help you find it. Seek that out and test it - it may be beneficial for your needs.

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Many things accessed via windows control panel are still the same as XP or before.

I searched for trim and found next to nothing even here on the forum. Now I see that it is already in Mint , it is active by default.
Where did I complain about partition management ?
Yes Dell/W11 put 6 on my SSD , Zorin and Mint only 2 which is normal. (no swap or hibernate). No complaints here.

Stripped down windows 11 is Tiny11 :

It is not recommended.

What is the most important on a computer ? Your DATA.
If zorin or any other linux distro can not disconnect external HDD's which hold my data , it is a threat. Dismounting a volume is not enough. Windows has no problem with safely removing ext drives and the drive shuts down by itself.
Linux is the base for mac/android ,iPhone ... used for tablets and phones , all with touch screens , but zorin or mint can't even get simple touchscreen or touchpad right ? a word ...that you would like to censor again.

No word about linux still converting all to 16bit/44,1k.
Just installed Audacity in mint , again an older version but more recent than in zorin. (2.4.2). Again no way to update except for the enormous appimage .
qbittorrent 4.4.1 , no updating or only the much bigger appimage 4.5.4 .
SMplayer : v21.10 , on their website 22.7 and so on. Oh yeah the software is so easy and well maintained....

After all, what do you want, @Rick2023 ?

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What do I want ?
I wanted to give an honest feedback as a first time linux user. Not to bash it .
I wanted to try the 2 most recommended linux distro's for windows leavers , and to compare them to decide with which to make a dual boot with W 11 or even eventually only linux .
FOR ME , Zorin was not such a good experience , see my long list above. Mint has a lot less annoyances , although some are shared , like probably all ubuntu based OS's. The many other linux distro's are more complex for the average user and their desktop environment doesn't suit me at all. I don't have the time to spend weeks/months to get things to work a bit like I want to. You only live once and I'm already older.
I think I understand why linux is going nowhere after decades , for desktop computing. Animated: Most Popular Desktop Operating Systems Since 2003
And that is not a good thing.

You seem like an angry person who needs friends.

Hope you find some, someday.

Also: Linux runs almost everything popular in the World-- including, but not limited to, the basis of macOS (BSD/Darwin), Android, the server you used to access this site, likely your ISP, Amazon's servers, OVH's servers, every major CDN, and much MUCH more. Heck, even Microsoft's servers run Linux and they have begun adding it to the back end of Windows.

Your usercase is not the majority. It's not even a tiny minority.
You just wanted to, way too lengthily, whine about Zorin. Not sure what Zorin did to you because you keep beating around the bush. Yes, even though you wrote a 2398465 word essay, you never said what your actual problem was. You just used it to bash (pun intended).
Hope you find that peace you so desperately need.
Until then...


Moderator Note:
This is not really called for. The O.P. listed out his complaints and his praise for Zorin OS.
In the time available since, I have read the entire lengthy O.P. And it makes a lot of valid points and the honest feedback is helpful for future releases.
I do think some of the complaints are a matter of preference, familiarity or a learning curve - and these can be politely addressed. The O.P. has openly stated he is not looking for "fixes" in this thread - which I admit is hard to resist offering them...

I think he clearly outlined what the problem was and why he felt they were problems.

This forum is intended to be a place where users can engage in the Free Exchange Of Ideas. This can include debating the merit of ideas and perceptions.
However, the members must always attack the idea not the person.

Anyone may bash Zorin OS as an experience. We do not bash each other.

A reminder:

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Point made. Feel free to edit my post accordingly.

I struck out the relevant portions and left the very valid points you made about Linux intact.
The reason is that I am allowing the record to stand - while making it clear to any first time reader that the ad hominem comments have been struck out.

In this, for future, users know to take a moment to edit their own posts prior to clicking submit.

Which - also to the point of letting the record stand - I have had to learn and am still learning the hard way, every single day.

Don't worry , I have a thick skin.
I am not angry , not in need of more friends . Again giving feedback on my experience with Zorin , which I wanted to succeed. Not here to bash it.
Read again : desktop computing , not being the basis of other OS'ses like Mac or Android or uses like servers. There is a lot to like about linux , but but FOR ME and some 72 % others (according to the link) , it is just not as user friendly as windows. And I am more than sorry about that. When I buy my second SSD , I will be installing Mint though as a second option .

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Gday @Rick2023 ,Welcome to the community!

Thank you for taking the time & effort to provide us with your feedback from the prospective of a new user to the Linux community.

  • As you can see we are eager to help & even sometimes over eager, we further applaud your composure with the & to the replies.
    Good communication skills. :+1:

  • I must agree the feedback is rather long/detailed, but this may help with future feedback.(Try to keep is simple & in format (describe each detail individually Just like you did up to point 13))

As for the issue's listed, we can see a lot of thing's/suggestions that will help address them, all issue's being small or major are unwanted by all users, part of the Linux systems is that they are very customizable.

As i see you like the good old XP look & feel, may we suggest trying Zorin OS Lite, Don't be deceived by the name "Lite", It's has all the goodies, but uses different programs to run thing's. i believe it is more like Xp. No harm in trying!

With Dual booting setup, you may need to do a little research as there can be a lot of thing's that may need adjusting prior to dual booting,(This being another issue we can help with.

  • So if you wish to open separate "Topics" of help on any of the issue, Please feel free to Open them, If or when needed,
    Hint: If you wish to address multiple issue's, it is an idea to open & complete one issue at a time

Thank you again,
Zorin forum community.

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