Zorin 16.2 Pro to 17 Pro upgrade question?

When Zorin 17 Pro gets released do we have to buy Pro again? Currently running 16.2 Pro.

Is it possible to go from 16.2 Pro to 17 Core? Or, do you have to stay with what you are using?

Will new upgrade tool work in all scenarios?


This might be of help:


As far as I know, if you purchased 16 Pro you'll get a discount on 17 Pro. I don't know how much it is, but you don't have to pay full price for it.

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I am also interested in this topic.

So if we have pro, when 17 is out, do we need contact Zorin team for discount and new download link ? Or is there any other procedure :slight_smile: thx

I'm not sure the procedure - but when you use the eg. Zorin OS upgrader you can enter your license key for the product. My guess is if you use the same e-mail adresse as you purchase 16 pro you'll in the system and it can tell if you can get discount.

Mind you this is just a guess.


As I understood it, there was a TimeFrame within which Existing Pro users could get a discount.
That is; Let's say you bought 16 Pro at release. When 17 is released, if you want Pro, you must re-purchase it. This is no different from if you bought a 2020 Nissan Maxima, you must buy the 2023 edition as normal.

However, some users bought 15 Ultimate not long before the release of 16 Pro. They were able get a discount due to the short time they would have experienced 15 Ultimate.

So, just having bought the Pro Version in the past is not grounds for a discount as that would not make any sense. You are supporting Each Development Cycle by choosing Pro.
The funding a release makes is what enables the Next Editions Development. This is the ZorinGroups full time employment, not a side job.

If everyone got a discount just for having bought Pro in the past - then the development cycles would not be fully funded.


Ok, got it. I am fine with both cases :slight_smile:

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I also found in the translations of the updater a sentence for a discount. No figure mentioned though. Nevertheless, I recently bought Zorin OS 16.2 Pro to support the developers and would even consider buying the full price for Zorin OS 17 again to support them. I think they do a great job!


It is NOT compulsory to purchase again, if you don't wish to.
Yes at any time, you can change/install any of the other Free Editions.

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Thanks, everybody. I appreciate your feedback on the question.

Ocka, are you saying that you can go from a 16.2 Pro install where added features like the Windows 11 Layout are already being used and you can still do the Free upgrade to Core 17?

Would you lose the Windows 11 layout which only comes with Pro?

Just feels wrong to keep using a 16.2 Pro feature in 17 Core upgrade which will be free.

Either way I'll contribute again. Just curious.

Besides 16.2 support to 2025

As the Upgrader is in Beta testing i can NOT say 100%, but it makes sense, If you don't have a new Pro code/Purchase, then you would be given the choice to back to Core from Pro,
In doing so, Yes you will lose the additions features that come with Pro.
This is not an official statement.
We hope to have more info on the Upgrader once testing is complete.
Hope this helps.

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