Zorin 16.2 Pro

Is there a list of applications that are preinstalled on Zorin Pro?

I would like to delete some of them but would love to have a list of applications that have been installed with a fresh installation :slight_smile:

Any program that has been installed in pro is free and therefore available for core as well isnt it?

You can list all installed programs by running the following command. Note that it will produce a lot of output since it includes even small utility programs so you might want to dump the contents to a file to narrow things down.

sudo apt list --installed

# Will create a file called all_programs.txt with the contents
sudo apt list --installed > all_programs.txt

# Narrow down the results if you are looking for a specific program(s)
sudo apt list --installed *{gimp,writer,connect}*

There are some other programs installed as flatpaks, a different package format, which you can list using another command:

# Use the -a option to list all installed programs
flatpak list -a

# Use the -d option for details
flatpak list -ad

Or if you prefer a graphic interface you can install Synaptic package manager which will allow you to see the same information. I don't know if it will actually detect and list flatpaks though.

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I made a list a long time ago, but I can't find it.

All the software including in Pro is available as well for the core version via softwarecenter.
The real bonus' is the 4 extra layout you get with Pro which aren't available for core IMO.

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Only now I realize the question was about specific packages that Pro includes :smiley: I thought it was about how to list installed packages in general... Anyway I found this thread that may be helpful:

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I had bookmarked that post a long time ago. :wink:


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