Zorin 16.2 runs great in VMWare!

I installed Zorin 16.2 Pro in VMWare with a Windows 10 host and it runs great! Can't be happier with this setup. My wife needs Windows but I like Zorin so we finally found a solution that works for both of us on one desktop . . .


To be more secure, install Linux to the Metal and run Windows as a VM in Virt-Manager - so you can make a backup of the Windows VM in case it gets hit with a virus, you can just put back the Windows VM! :wink:

If you want to be really secure, install Devuan 3.1.1, then use Virt-Manager for Windows!

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If it is not OK that I posted here, I am sorry. I just thought it better to not add another topic.

I recently purchased a Macbook Pro M1 with the expectation to have it exclusively run Zorin (which I have, of course!). Then I found out this is not doable.

So, I decided to keep the machine and run Zorin 16.2 using the free version of VMware Fusion. I did the install procedure. It accepted the Zorin iso file with no complaints. It seemed to go through the install. There were no error messages.

But the attached image is of a VMware instance. I cannot seem to do a thing save type characters at the shell prompt. I actually have no idea how to proceed but I am fairly sure the install failed.

Can anyone give me some advice?

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