Zorin 16.3 Copy to, Move to & Paste missing on Right click

I right click and choose "Copy" on a doc. I then click on a folder and right click but no paste option is there. Also "Move to" & "Copy to" are no longer options on Right click. I was on Zorin 15 before this. Is this a "bug" or a "feature" of 16.3?

You were on Zorin OS 15. Was it Core or Lite?

Did you upgrade to Zorin OS 16 using the new Zorin Upgrader Tool? Or did you wipe and install to Zorin OS 16?

Are you currently on Core or Lite?

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Was on 15 core; upgraded using the upgrader tool under system tools. Currently on 16.3 core

Can you please run

sudo apt install --reinstall nautilus-actions

Also, to be certain, the copy to / move to options only appear in the context menu of Nautilus when right-clicking on a file or folder.

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Done and it installed but still those options aren't there when right clicking on file or folder

Ok, can you please try

sudo apt install xdg-desktop-portal

This may seem odd, but the above package was held back previously on some users machines due to the dependency on the package fuse and installing it manually allows the fuse package to upgrade. The fuse package also is involved in the actions you are missing.

Next thing to try:

mv ~/.config ~/.config-bk

Reboot or Log out and Log in... And test. An configuration file saved from Zorin OS 15 may be interfering with your new Zorin OS 16 desktop.

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ok the 2nd one did it. (mv ~/.config ~/.config-bk and log off/on) The choices are back except when I use it on a desktop item when in the desktop. Although I can open desktop folder and it works that way on items on my desktop. Which I can live with.

Thank you mucho!

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