Zorin 16.3 lite to Zorin 17 lite

Will there be an upgrade path for the lite package from an older version using the upgrade app. I dont want to go pro as I only have 25gb space on my SSD and reading that pro is 40gb. Also I tried 17 core on the target machine (2008 build with 2 core Dual Pentium E2180 at 2Ghz) and but it just stops at a black screen after loading the choice screen between try now and install. When I press try now I get a black screen. Thoughts?

Pro version got a "minimal" installation option if space is limit.

Interesting I also like that lite is free. :slight_smile:

the pro lite isn't free.

  1. core and pro
  2. lite and lite pro

What is the difference between Lite and Pro Lite and is there an upgrade path? As I said core 17 gave me a black screen on the try now button so a bit wary.

The diferrences is that pro comes ith a lot of pre-installed apps and some extra layouts. That's it. The Pro is made for people to support the Devs with their work to continue developing Zorin OS.

Yes, when the Zorin Upgrader is officially patched into the repositories and released for use with the new Zorin OS 17, the upgrade path for Zorin OS 16 Lite to Zorin OS 17 Lite will be opened.

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