Zorin 16.3 new install no shut down option

Hi I've just installed 16.3 but cant find the shut down option, why is this ?

Do you mean shut down as in power off or suspend? In Z16 there are only 2 options from hitting the Z key including Power Off.
There are other options from the power options pop-up accessible from the right hand side tray indicators e.g. where battery state. time etc is displayed. That is the only place I found Restart option on Z16.

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Gday @longshanks .
Could you please update your from to show the Edition of Zorin your using.
This saves us asking & you having to repeat yourself if you require future help.
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In settings, under power options you can define what pressing the power button does.

In the Zorin app menu, there are the power options at the bottom: logout, suspend and power off.

If you want to restart, choose power off, then change the value in the dialog that appears to restart.

You could also use the terminal
sudo shutdown -h now.

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