Zorin 16 and 17

It says I can't download version 18 then install it, I have to wait to upgrade to 17.

Okay, fair enough but is that the only option you have for future versions? If 18 comes out I can upgrade from 17 to 18, right? If I had to install Zorin from scratch I would have to install version 16 again, then upgrade from there?

I'm not sure what you mean? You can download and install any version of ZorinOS from scratch, but that will overwrite existing data in your hard drive.
The option to upgrade from ZorinOS 16 to ZorinOS 17 without having to re-install from scratch will be available in the upcoming weeks, and will likely be announced through the blog.

ZorinOS 18 has not yet been released but I think it's safe to assume a similar Direct Upgrade feature will be available.

Thanks for responding, I have ask Zorin to send me the download link and I can only get version 16. For version 17 I will need to purchase it.

I'm aware about the upgrade, the example of version 18 is in regards to the process should you install Zorin from version 16 again, which relates to the first paragraph.

Here is the download link.

Scroll down, it is the one with a sunset background. You only need to purchase it if you want pro, at the top, otherwise scroll down and select the one that says Core, with the sunset on a laptop.

If you are talking about the Pro version, then yes, you will need a separate purchase for each new major release i.e.: ZorinOS 16, ZorinOS 17 and so on. But assuming you have license for Pro then the upgrade method should work all the same, or at least I'd suspect as much. I don't know if you will be able to jump from Z16 to Z18 when it's released, however.

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Thanks, appreciate the responses.

oh thats interesting. I just wanted to install 17 over 16.3 now, but then I would wait.
Is there any time line where this date can be seen?

No, it was announced in the Zorin 17 announcement that the upgrader option will be a few weeks after official release.

The upgrade option has supported from the previous version and may support from 16 to 18 when it is released.

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