Zorin 16 and Latest version of VirtualBox

In the Zorin software store is virtualbox version 6.1.26.

I need the latest version of Virtualbox (6.1.30). The only way to get that, that I know of, is the .deb file from Virtualbox's website. If I install that, will that .deb file bork my system?

It should work - version 26 is just the one that has been tested with Zorin. That doesn’t mean that 6.1.30 won’t work with it. It is listed for Ubuntu 20.04 so it should work: Oracle VM VirtualBox - Downloads | Oracle Technology Network | Oracle

I use the one from Oracle homepage. Works without any problems.

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Thank you both for your input!

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I can confirm that upgrading didn't mess anything up from what I can tell. Thank you both!


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