Zorin 16 Beta - Installer Bug + Feedback

I discovered a few issues in my experience with Zorin 16 Beta:

  1. During install, selecting a location (city) with the dropdown worked, but every time I clicked on an entry, the dropdown would close and immediately reopen. It was pretty jarring, I had to press ESC to close it.

  2. Not an issue with Zorin itself, but worth noting: Setting the Appearence's primary theme color to grey looks fantastic, but some apps that use grey text become hard to read (for example FileZilla looks pretty messy with the grey).

OK, now for the feedback:


The bottom menu can be customized to be exactly how I want it (app icons in the center, left Zorin menu that opens when I press the Windows key). The grey theme color looks pleasing to my eye balls, especially when using the Nautilus file browser. The software center is the best I've ever used on a Linux distro.

I could do without the jelly functionality, it's totally optional, so it doesn't offend me, but it strikes me as a gimmick very few people will use.

What I love the most is the modern OS feel, great user experience from setup to daily usage, it's fast and lightweight, and it's based on Ubuntu 20.04, which means you can find a solution to just about any problem you might encounter online.

Even though this is a beta, it's been rock solid for me. Really pleased @Zorin team!