Zorin 16 Beta: keyring unlock after boot

Hi, since some days ago, every time I boot Z16 I'm asked for the keyring password unlock. Didnt happen before, any thoughts on how to get rid of it?
I wonder if could have been some installed app that triggers this behavior, however I've never experienced this with Z15.3.


Maybe this will help:

Are you logging in without password?
I remember I had this problem in Linux Mint when I set my system auto login.

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Hey there, yes, I'm in automatic login since I've installed Z16. I dont know asking for the password.

@Aravisian I havent change the password recently. I might try to follow your suggestion tomorrow to check if it solves it.

Thanks guys for your help.

I think FrenchPress zeroed right in on it:


Many thanks @Aravisian this post perfectly explains the reported behavior. I've decided to move away from autologin, as in all my other pc's :slight_smile:

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