Zorin 16 Core installed, stuck at OEM logo


I've searched this topic but the existing threads didn't solve my problem. So I opened a new thread to ask for help.

I have installed zorin 16 core succesfully. However upon booting, system is stuck at my mobo manufacturer OEM logo. (Aorus).
On windows this would normally be where the animated boot logo would appear. However for zorin this animation does not appear and i remain stuck at OEM logo. If i disable 'show full logo' in bios, i see a black screen only.

Ryzen 5900x
Gpu: Radeon 6700 XT
Nvme hd

Bios settings:
Fastboot disabled
Secure boot disabled

-Reinstalling about 15x
-at one point i could access grub menu which let me load zorin in recovery (safe)mode only, there i saw that installation had gone through.

Whenever i plugin the installation media (usb) i can get zorin to boot live.
I then reinstall. (Clean install, no other data on any hd).

I can then reinstall, untill it asks to reboot. Then i remove installation media and press enter when it prompts me. Then it boots to OEM logo.

Weirdly that yesterday i could get grub menu to appear, perhaps cause there was still a windows os installed at that point. I decided to format all hdd's in the pc. Since then, no grub menu either.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Illustration not my image, but stuck in this place:(so after bios splash)

Let's try with this one.


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