Zorin 16 freeze after waking from suspend

Hello, I have recently installed Zorin OS 16 core on my laptop. Whenever I close the lid of my laptop and then open it, the screen freezes. None of my inputs(keyboard, mouse) work. A similar thing happened when I manually suspended the system.

The only way to make the system work again is to force shut down it and turn it back on. Is there a way out of it as this bug defeats the purpose of having a laptop.

Did everything mentioned here...

But nothing worked....

Can you please post the terminal output of

sudo lshw -c video

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Have you tried the grub parameter acpi=off?

Yes, It's off

If i am not wrong the intel card is in use when hes using the desktop. The nvidia only kicks in when hes going to do heavy work (games and such). Can the nvidia card even freeze the desktop if it is not in use ? (correct me if i am wrong)

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