Zorin 16 Lite - Boot Screens Asking Password

I just installed Zorin 16 lite (I'm basic linux user) and noticed this:
The computer asks for user and password at boot screen, the firs weird thing is that it boots correctly even if I put anything as user and password, second thing is that when I installed the system it didn't ask for password and user at boot time, then after some ON-OFF cycles these screens appeared. Is there a way to disable such screens?

See attached pictures

I'm using zoring alongside windows 10

Hello aalbertoo, welcome to the forum.

I too do dual booting and have a password set before displaying the grub options. This is all controlled in the bios where you can set a password before entering the computer (guess its a safety procedure). Try looking in your bios.

I was not able to find which BIOS option has to do with these screens

Are you in the bios? look in all the tab's for password settings (at boot).

Did you install with Disk Encryption on? (The screenshots suggest that yes, you did)

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I don't remember activating that setting while installing the SO, but I probably did it. The BIOS password is not enabled as @dasjdoom suggested then I think the disk encryption is the reason. What still seems weird is that the computer boots even with wrong user/password
I guess the only way to disable those screens is by reinstalling the SO

Thanks anyway guys

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