Zorin 16 nvidia issues

i have a dell xps 9550 with an nvidia 960m. Tried zorin 16 with usb live image (nvidia modern graphics selected)

ran nice. installed it. Now not so nice, im getting screen tearing everywhere, scrolling, moving windows

Tried the additional drivers section tried the 470 one, tried the 460 ones, and tried the 390 one, and nothing seems to fix it

Any advice

Two things to try:

  1. ) In terminal run sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

See if that installs the proper Nouveau drivers.

If still no good:

  1. ) In terminal, add the x-swat repository with sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates and then run sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade
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HI there i get the error

WARNING:root:_pkg_get_support nvidia-driver-390: package has invalid Support Legacyheader, cannot determine support level

when trying the first option ill try the second one just now


nup neither worked. Still jittery and tearing

This may explain it- the drivers support has been dropped. Those drivers are pretty old...
While Linux (and Zorin) can salvage many older machines, preventing e-waste from filling landfills; Not everything can be saved. With Nvidia and AMD both dropping support for older hardware, Graphics are usually first to go.

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The driver support has not been dropped for the Geforce GTX 960m. If you look at the nvidia site it is updated with the latest version.




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@stphen0205, try to install it manually.

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Sorry, yes. I was thinking of Nvidia 340 driver.
The 390 driver is supported for a few more months, until 2022.

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Which is why, anytime somebody posts issues trying to get their GPU to work in Linux, and I discover that their GPU uses a Firmi chip, I always recommend the 390 driver.

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That's why he should use the 470.x driver. His card can handle it :wink:

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Yeah, it looks like its handling it alright. :flushed:

For the record, this was a joke. Although, what happened to those 3090's this year was more recent, and EVGA was like, were so sorry, let us replace your 3090's that we should have tested before leaving out the factory with a defect that spins them up to 5000 FPS, overramps the fans and VRM to +180%. Uggg

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Will follow the link and try install the 470 driver, wish me luck. I tried a game (starcrat 2 ) using lutris and it seemed to default to the intel 530.

Can see the xps getting sold in favor of a newer variant

not sure if this is worth anything, i didnt have this issue in garuda, it showed both and allowed me to switch from the taskbar, is this because its hybrid ?

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sudo telinit 3*
Install the new Nvidia Driver, write in terminal:
sudo bash NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-470.63.01.run*

So when i run those commands it drops me out desktop to a command line, im prompted to log back in with my details and when i run the sudo bash nvidia line i get no such file or directory

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You know what Stphen?

I am going to have to agree with you, I looked up the specs on your computer, and it reminds me of how outdated my old computer was, before buying a new one this year.

You have an Nvidia 960m, which is going to completely lose driver support, in 1-year. To add insult to injury, the GPU only has 2GB of RAM, your not playing any new tripple A games with that.

Also, I didn't see any evidence that your computer, has a wired ethernet port. Under wireless certification, it appears to only support 802.11 A/B. This means you your WIFI is pretty slow.

802.11 N has been a standard for a very long time, and its already been replaced by the A/C standard. And now, new computers have support for WIFI 6.

You do have a good amount of RAM, 16GB is still very current for most modern day gaming. And your CPU is still pretty good too, even though its only 4-cores.

If you do buy a new computer, I would strongly recommend a minimum of a 6-core machine, 8-cores will be better if you can swing it. Try to aim for minimum of 16GB of RAM, 32GB preferred.

As far as GPU, you really want to be looking at a Nvidia 3060 minimum. Don't get sucked into those new computers being sold with 1060's and 2060's, they are not worth the value for your money in year 2021 and further.

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Where did you put the nvidia file ? Also if you downloaded the newer nvidia driver from the nvidia site you should change something. The tutorial i posted is for the driver 2 months ago, nvidia did a driver update in september. You only have to change this

sudo bash NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-470.63.01.run to this sudo bash NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-470.74.run

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HI there, i had downloaded it from the nvidia site and moved it to the home folder as instructed, even used the new end numbers for the different version.

I had a google, and since i had been screwing around with it and not knowing what im doing, i done a purge on nvidia things.

It came up in the software update section, i let it do that, and then refollowed your steps and it seems to have worked absoluty fine, even davinci resolve opens now !!!

Now just to figure out why some games on lutris are black screening and im pretty much off to the races, have to say very nice looking os, and pretty damb smooth


also @StarTreker yeah its a little old now, since the gpu is still supported this go round ill hold onto it a little longer, its not be any stretch my main gaming machine but something lite when im away home home is nice.

Thanks for all your help.


I'm so happy you got it fixed! And you have a working OS. Way to go dude, your awesome! :sunglasses: I hear ya on holding off a bit. Next year 11th gen should be perfected, with then talk of 12th gen probably next summer.

As far as some games black screen in Lutris. I'm no expert with Lutris, Michel knows way more about that APP. But if your missing any libraries those games need, or if they need directx, and you don't have it, that could do it.

@Michel Could offer you guidance in that area, as he's battled that stuff. He's stellar!

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Good to hear! :smiley:

If the games are in steam, use steam protondb.

For lutris:
Install a runner that can run newer games in lutris:

  1. Open lutris
  2. On the left side you see wine icon, click on the left download key.

  1. Install lutris-fshack-6.14-3

  1. When installed install/configure your game


  1. Add a game

  1. Enter name of game and select wine runner

  1. Enter the game exe location

  1. Wine version must be fshack and select dxvk/vk3d3d

Some games require vredist/directx, when your game has those folders in the installation disc just install them with wine. Click on the .exe file and wine will do the rest. If a game does not run, use google and write (game name here) lutris. You get alot of useful stuff to configure a game if needed.

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