Zorin 16 os broken after ubuntu 22.04 upgrade

So, my problem is that after installing 22.04 upgrade my os is unable to log back in. Neither bios nor os itself give any details what could've gone wrong. Any ideas how to solve it?

Could you describe in more specific details about "after installing 22.04 upgrade" please??

You can't upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04. Zorin 16 continually updates on 20.04 on which it is based. If you have any critical data I suggest you use live version of Zorin 16 to access your /home folder and back it up, including hidden files, to an external storage device and reinstall the system. From what I have read elsewhere, Zorin 17 will be based on 22.04.


I don't have much to describe:
After the upgrade that replaced like 2000+ packages, I restarted my PC to complete the process. The PC booted up and seemed okay until I had to enter my password to login and access my desktop. This screen "Oh no! ..." popped up and here I'm.

I think swarfendor437 already gave the solution suited for this matter. And I agree that you can't upgrade Zorin OS 16 to be based on Ubuntu 22.04 because it's based on Ubuntu 20.04. I don't even know if there's any way you can upgrade the base from 20.04 22.04.

I hope that solution could help and solve your issues.

Somehow the os offered me an upgrade, not sure how

Here's the latest detail I noticed

This is how you sort out that error:

[SOLVED] ACPI error - AE_ALREADY_EXIST - Linux Mint Forums.

But you won't be able to do this as you can't log in. You need to reinstall Zorin.

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You must somehow enable/added something in the repositories.


As storm said, someone must have intervened to screw up the install as I have just updated my VM of Zorin 16 today, and no such issues:

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