Zorin 16 Pro Lite installation

I've finally gotten around to installing 16pro lite on an old laptop (Dell Inspiron 1720). I've been using 16 Pro with no problems other than it being VERY slow. After installing I found I was hanging / locking up when trying to use Firefox. The moment I launched it everything would grind to a halt.

I've removed Firefox, installed Brave in its place and the old and faithful Dell 1720 is running fine now. I was wondering if you could shed any light on what was causing this issue?

Beyond that, 16 Pro Lite is fantastic. Cheers.

It could be anything from memory leak to gods knows what from Firefox which make it hanging. Perhaps an addon(s) you have installed?

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No, no addons installed. Firefox is naked, haven't logged in to the browser. Not to worry, I've found a solution to the browser problem, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a cause.

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