Zorin 16 Pro on youtube

Please down this side what gived free Zorin 16 Pro [link removed]


Thanks for letting us know, we have already filed a copyright takedown request with YouTube and are currently waiting on their decision. I have edited the link out of your post in order to stop its spread.


I'm glad the link has been removed. I would not trust any download source other than Zorin. Almost all of these sites are scams, the downloaded files loaded with malware and pups.


For me this is like a stealing hard work a programming people what they did a good job.


I am not sure what is going on, but suppose that someone sharing pro links..

Yeah, that is shame and fully unrespectful.

What is going on is that Bourne uncovered a YouTube that linked to two unauthorized websites that packaged Zorin 16 Pro (along with who knows what else in terms of malware, PUPS and whatnot) for unauthorized (and almost certainly illegal) distribution.

Bourne alerted Zorin, asking that the YouTube (and presumably the linked websites) be taken down, and AZorin responded that the Zorin Group was working to do just that ...

We all owe Bourne our thanks for helping keep the Zorin community a bit safer.


Yesterday I checked before go sleep and this channel still was on youtube.