Zorin 16 pro : random freeze

After installation of zorin 16 pro on my HP Envy
at each time my pc freeze and the only solution is to reboot
Please need help

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It sounds like a graphics driver issue.
Are you using Nvidia card?

Everytime when someone says my linux is freezing there is always someone blaming nvidia. I got people telling me this when i used mint 17.x with a nvidia gtx 485m.

Now i am on gtx 1070 and i didnt have 1 freeze (yet).

We need more info about your specs, maybe its something else

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I have GTX 1050Ti.
But I gave up on using Nvidia driver and using Nouveau at the moment.


Nouveau failed to put a computer in suspend mode.
A deal breaker for me.
I went back to Nvida driver and the issue came back :frowning:

I ended up restoring my system from 1 week old Clonezilla image and put the kernel on hold to 5.11.0-27. Hopefully Zorin will solve this kernel issue soon.

Really ? Didnt try the latest drivers ?

I am sure it will work with the latest driver.

But I experienced several problems at the kernel update since my Ubuntu Mate era to Mint XFCE to Zorin OS. The most nasty one was a log-in loop by the way :frowning:

I had also a problem with the recent kernel update and decided to stick to Nouveau. Compared with its early days Nouveau made a vast improvement. In fact, I cannot tell any difference (well, at least for my use case).

In order to effectively diagnose and avoid lots of running in circles, we have learned to figure out certain hardware right away. This is not the same as blaming Nvidia.
You will see a lot of that on the forum.

I have a 1070 8 GB nvidia card and I never experienced black screen of death when kernel gets updated.

It is because you have 4 times more memory than mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of my components in my main computer is Asus, never failed me :sunglasses:


Didn't get black screens after kernel upgrade, however i had to reinstall nvidia because after the kernel upgrade it switched to the nouveau driver (even when it is blacklisted lol). Do you have a trick for this so i don't have to reinstall ? dkms ? or any other solution ? I am using the drivers from the nvidia site.

Also a GTX 1070 8GB user here, only in my laptop (acer)

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