Zorin 16 Pro...Well Worth the Wait!

Super impressed with Zorin 16 Pro! I appreciate all the effort that went into the final product. Truly exceptional distribution of Linux...suitable for EVERYONE! Kudos!


Hello there Mhupp!

I am curious, could you take some time to go into specifics, as to what you like most about Zorin OS 16 Pro?

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I'm excited for versionLite!


Speed and interface are really slick. I installed it on my lab of school iMacs (2011 vintage) and it flat out runs great! My students, who mostly have experience with Windows and Mac, use it with no training or instruction at all. It is just so intuitive. That is what I like about it!


Hey thats awesome! And thats one of the major points about Zorin OS 16, its supposed to be very intuitive. Truth is, most of your daily operations on Zorin OS, all can be done from the GUI. Usually, the only time you have to use the terminal, is when doing more advanced stuff.

Yeah, with what MS is doing with Win11, I forcee a lot more schools switching their OS's to Linux, and hopefully Zorin OS. One of the things you learn about the public school system, having been through it and all, they don't have a lot of funds from the State.

Yes I know, you'd think being government funded on tax payers dollars, would mean there would be an endless stream of funds, but thats simply not the case. My HS didn't even get new computers until the last year of my 4-years in HS.

So, yeah, I don't see schools just suddenly spending a million dollars to replace all the computers in the shcool, just so they can use Win11, not gonna happen, especially during the days of financial hardships during a pandemic.