Zorin 16 text on desktop and windows truncated

The text display on my desktop and the various windows I open (i.e. files, settings, etc.) have the top portion of the test cut off. Very hard to read. I read something somewhere (wish I could remember where so I could re-read it) regarding improved graphical properties. Any suggestions? (I would attach a screen shot, but that's above my current skill set.)

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Let's deal with this first.

To do a screenshot, open the screenshot app (located in Utilities), select screen, window or selection, then click 'Take screenshot'.

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Follow Turtle11's advice to take your screenshot.
Then to attach the screenshot to your post, click the "Upload" icon (7th from left, looks like a picture) on the Reply box toolbar and select your picture file to be inserted.

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Also, please include a copy of the result of:

sudo lshw -C video

It definitely sounds like a graphical issue.

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Thank you everyone, both for the information and not making me feel like a total newb. I took a screen shot earlier using ctrl+PrtScn and saved it in a .docx file, which won't upload. However, I re-booted and the text looks fine at the moment. But that wasn't the first time it happened and I would be surprised if it's the last. I will re-try when it happens again. Having to reboot is a pain.

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It has to be an actial picture, otherwise store the document in a cloud storage, then share the link.

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I have had a graphics bug similar happen, though it has been a very long time since it has happened.
The text onscreen looked smeared across the screen.

Within a day, a patch rolled down from Zorin OS and resolved it - before I could post about it on the old ZorinGroup Forum.

I have not had that happen since...

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Just to resume, you can take screenshots these ways:

:point_right: press PrtScn button (should be above Backspace button) on your keyboard

:point_right: with a specific keyboard shortcut as you did

:point_right: from the default screenshot software, you can access it on Z logo > Utilities > Screenshot, and even edit some settings.

To upload the screenshot you can either click Upload button above the writing field (that toolbar with 13 buttons) here on the forum or drag the screenshot and drop it directly inside the writing field. Don't change the .png.

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