Zorin 16 where are you?

Whe will Zorin 16 be available? I checked some previous post it said end of 2020. Or their is any beta version available?


This is a very good question. I had repeatedly heard Nov. or Dec. of 2020 as a probable release date. It is now March 2021 and there has been no word from the Zorin Team.
I recently heard a rumor that it would be July of this year. That is a rumor- not from the Zorin Team.

I usually speak highly of the Zorin Team and the Zorin OS product. This is a main gripe and I am a bit more brutal.
The Zorin Team could be updating Zorin OS users much more frequently about releases or delays in releases. There is every reason to do so and no reason not to. Users knowing when a release is likely, or if there is a delay are able to work with that information and plan accordingly. But not knowing is being kept in the dark. It becomes simpler to look for another distro.
I have always approached this question more diplomatically. Not this time.

Zorin Team needs to Update Zorin OS users.


As a Zorin Lite user, my need for an upgrade is probably a little less than that of a Gnome/Core user. That said, I do think more transparency from the Zorin team about their releases would create excitement within the community.

Aside from an update on the next release of Zorin, I would like to see more updates regarding Zorin Grid. The status has been “Coming Soon” for a while now, and I’m starting to wonder if it will ever happen.


I, too, am a Zorin Lite user. I use different Desktops than XFCE, though. As I have become more active in development of several of my own projects, this has created the need for up to date packages. This includes gtk 3.24, Gimp 2.10.8, Inkscape and so on. Because of this, I have needed to jump through hoops building up many packages instead of being able to just sudo apt install them.
I am currently running gtk 3.24 and upgraded GIMP etc. But, my current set up reminds me of Kayless jury rigging on Firefly:


Yea, I also think Officials should give some sneak peeks of what’s upcoming
I also believe they’re not bound to do that so, But it would have create more positive commitment of the members/users towards the project


It is curious that we have not heard from the Zorin team. I’m sure the difficulties of remote work and testing have come to some semblance of stable by now. Is there a beta that we may participate in and provide feedback? There are many architectures and many of us are capable of providing specificity as well as assisting in the troubleshooting process, as we already do for each other here (where are the devs). This goes towards my request for a development category, maybe even work in a beta category that the zorin community can request access. I’m not trying to put more on you guys, more the opposite. We love zorin, the community…let us help in whatever way you think we are able.

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I have probably mentioned this before, it will be worth the wait to get a stable Z16 beta release to play with.
We were only allowed to get Z15Core as beta, once the devs had tested it very thoroughly indeed. There were very very few issues arising from that beta testing. Refreshing in this day and age when joe public is often let loose on new version production software that clearly has not been tested at in-house, alpha or beta pre-production level.


The intention of waiting as long as possible to release a mostly stable release (free of issues) is clear. (and good)

But never the less the public relations of Zorin Group let space for improvement.
FOSSDEM is over, ubuntu 20.04.2 is released weeks ago, so don’t wonder why people (specially paying clients → Ultimate Versions) ask for answers louder now.

So intention is clear - communicating the status quo should be better.


I have put a great deal of time into this and the old Zorin Group forum trying to help others.
I make mistakes often. I am also stumped, often. I hope in doing so that it helps me to learn about the Linux system, to confront problems I might otherwise not be introduced to and to better myself as a person. I can use the improvement.
But it also is because of gratitude. The Zorin Group made available an operating system that I could install and use- For Free. And it has been a great operating system. It resurrected a computer that otherwise would not have had a chance as my Automotive Diagnostic tool. And made my regular PC a powerhouse.
I felt driven to support Zorin Group in my own way. To pay it back.

But where other Developers update their users, even if it is with bad news, where other developers respond… What many of us experience from the Zorin Group is silence.

Zorin Direct Upgrade? Promised for a long time, now - and Zero Word Yet.
Zorin Grid?
Zorin 16?

I decided to send @AZorin a PM on this. In that PM, I raised the issue of the lack of any reasonable update, in spite of many users asking. That we who are trying to Help the Zorin Group are left holding empty reigns. I said to Artyom this:

People can handle a little disappointment or delays or some bad news- As long as they are updated and informed and kept posted. But Silence leads the Imagination.
And human nature is- that imagination won’t be very forgiving or friendly or assume the Best of You.
When people are updated, they handle it better than we fear. But when they are kept in the dark, they listen to their fear.

On Discord, I am hearing Grumbling. I relayed this and I said

I am sorry for the tone. I am certainly not telling you what to do- your choices are always your own. Choices- have results. Its not my intention to sound belittling in any way- Just the facts.

This message was sent 14 days ago.
No reply.
Yesterday, I PM’ed Kyrill Zorin @zorink about a different issue and he replied right away.
Having his attention, I raised the issue I PM’d Azorin about and gave a brief of what I said.
Zorink stopped responding.

I understand busy. I am often quite literally replying to help threads on this forum while working, while working on cars, even. While answering the phone. While answer my own customers- and this includes ensuring that I give them updates Before They Ask For Them.
When addressed in such a helpful manner above, the last thing I would do is sit on that. I would make it a point to get a message out, right away. That is how professionals do work.

I have given benefit of the doubt. I have waited most patiently, all the while, assisting Zorin Group to the best of my ability on this Forum.
For a loud burst of silence?
I have no sympathy- Artyom Zorin and Kyrill- You have had Plenty of time. Plenty.
I was not telling you what to do. I was telling you to do what is Right.

The silence has led my imagination and Zorin Group had more than enough warning of it. Frankly, more than any 14 days.
My impressions have been made. You are the developers that make Zorin OS happen, but we are the members that Make it successful. We deserve better than to be ignored and given silence.
What are you guys doing? Where is Zorin 16… Dude, Where is ZORIN? Where are you guys? With the silence, I could speculate all the most negative things that I know people may do when they are not doing what is Right.

And if you get upset that I posted this here- Be sure to look in your PM inbox; a message sent 14 days ago. More then enough time for even the busiest of people- I Should Know.

This urge to try to help members of this forum with troubleshooting and customizing is Rapidly waning.


Thanks for all the effort. It is a shame that they do not even address this is some fashion. In the end theyw ill either address it or people will leave for other distro. The matter is in their hands


Wow, I am going to have to agree here. I am one of the ones who actually purchased Zorin OS 9 Ultimate and OS 12 ultimate, so I personally didn’t get nothing for free.

I chose Zorin OS because I thought it was great for beginners, coming from Windows. It also gets highly rated on OS review sites.

I remember how things used to be, the Zorin devs were more engaged with members and the moderating staff. But these days they are silent. And that silence has lost them another Zorin user.

I’ll be switching to POP OS with XFCE flavor soon. I’ll still be on the forum with Aravisian trying to help others here and stay active. God knows, we’ve all been contributing in here.

But on most support requests, we don’t here from the devs, for their own software. We’re answering most of those questions for them. Aravisian has been putting in lots of time recently to the Dual Boot issue recently.

But no word from the devs on OS 16, sorry, that won’t fly for me. And when I get my new computer, it’s latest hardware, will require latest kernel and drivers, which won’t be found on OS 15.

I’m liking many of yours guys posts in here because I agree with you all.


I found out and came to zorin from elementary os. I didn't try the free, i straight up bought the ultimate. It was the best thing ever on my acer. Now i have an Asus, had to upgrade the firmware and kernel, but still everything has not been working. I've tried to live with this, have tried xubuntu since and hate it. I may try pop os, but what i really want to see is zorin 16 because i fell in love with its predecessor. If the devs won't even continue to support this OS and its community I'm wondering why i should. I haven't been here long, so what i say may not matter, but i thought i was joining a team and community that cares. Unfortunately, like so many other worthwhile endeavors, i guess i joined to late and this to is on its way to the dogs. It's a shame. It's difficult finding an OS and community worth the time and effort anymore. It's been fun.

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I have been reminding myself of this a lot.

One thing we all can remember is that the Zorin Group consists of just two people. That is a lot of work for two people, notwithstanding Zorin OS being able to run with the big dogs like Mint and even, on some levels, outperform Linux Mint.
Don't get me wrong. Linux Mints team is high on my respect list. They also have "Roadmaps to the next development," are very open and communicative and I agree with many of their ideals. I appreciate when they disagree with mine.
Zorin does not have a roadmap to follow. Their presence on the new Zorin Forum (Here) has been greater than it was on the Zorin Group forum (Now archived). Back then, they rarely ever spoke at all.

I have spoken to the Zorin group about these concerns before. This was not out of left field. It was not a surprise. And I sent messages to both recently.
For disclosure... Azorin did reply to my PM yesterday.
And he said the worst possible thing he could have said.
He was not rude in anyway... He relayed that he would reply at a later date.
Ask yourself... Given that he has been informed of off-site rumblings that have been going on for a while... Given the very rumblings in this thread... Would you put this off?
Absolutely not.
Or would you drop what you are doing and respond to this Right Away?
A resound yes.
I have watched Artyom Zorin give the most polite, helpful and dignified replies to people who were giving the most cruel of words to him.
I have confidence he can handle conflict. And being busy did not stop him when he needed to step in before. Just as being busy does not delay me more than a few hours at best. You remember and you make time, if you care. But answering silence with a delay only makes impressions much worse.

This is not an act of meanness on my part. I have believed in Zorin OS for a reasonably long time. Since I first joined Linux. As bitter as this medicine is- it is a mix of being fed up and frustrated... Which all I need to do is quietly move on elsewhere... and an Effort To Help.
I would not be surprised if the name Aravisian is being spoken with hate and the most fascinating of descriptions in some back room somewhere. I am ok with that.
But that makes the hard question: Why bother saying anything? I should just leave and mind my own business.
Everybody makes mistakes. I've a slew of them behind me... and they might still haunt me- had someone not Told me it like it is, whether I liked it or not.
I have mistakes to be made in my future- but they will not be the ones I have already made- Because someone cared enough to speak up. Even if I called them names.
Zorins can make mistakes just like Aravisians. Just like Harveys and Swarfs and Carmars... Raise your hand if you are clean of mistakes--
What matters is that we Own Them. Learn from them. And make a decision to be Better, stronger, every day after.
Mistakes don't matter - unless you repeat them.
I await word, too - a member and a part of the Linux Crowd. That word is a response guided by the Zorins Own Hands. I personally have no care at all when Zorin 16 is released. Back in November of last year, I was eager for Zorin 16. Now, it is different.

Well said. I am sure no one expects Azorin or Zorink to pop in every day and flash a smile. But a Busy developer always has time to post an update once a week or once every two weeks- Especially if he has been repeatedly informed that the crowds are asking questions. Six months is out of the question. And we tumbled on this at the release of Zorin 15 from Zorin 12 already before.

Any voice willing to speak Matters.
Silence does not bring understanding, improvements, betterment or learning.
But speaking without fear can raise quality of life.
Free Open Source... Free Open Speech...

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Maybe if somebody could act as a spokesperson for the developers, they could communicate the intentions of the project to one person and trust that the right information would be disseminated and not have to field every question about Zorin 16 etc.


A good suggestion. This would require that the Zorin Group updates that spokesperson, however, which may not be much different from Zorin posting an update along a roadmap.
I would not consider either the same as fielding every question about Zorin OS 16 - and there may be less questions if there were more answers. If there were updates from Zorin group in say, a Roadmap plan that occurs even every few weeks, those of us actively fielding questions on the forum would have at least that to refer to. As it is, we have been referring only to Rumor and Heresay. Which is a point I made to Artyom in my first PM, and that is a bit of a strain.
But you make a very valid point that if there was to be a lot of questions, no one is expected to sit and answer them all each day. I mean, some curiosities about what Zorin 16 or another release include can reasonably be answered with "wait and see."

But it really helps to have a general idea of what that Wait Time is.


Although I have in the past suggested people need to show patience and that the end result should be worth the wait, However, I am now another being impacted by the uncertainty. I am thinking to go dual-boot Win10 and Z16 on my main laptop, but am wondering when that may now be possible. Any news right now from the devs would be much appreciated.


I agree with you guys. Keeping us all in the dark, makes us feel like we're nothing to them. Truth is, when it comes to my situation, they have run out of time.

Soon I'll be buying a new computer with latest tech in it from this year. It will require latest kernal and drivers, OS 15 will not support it, I'll need 16.

And since it's painfully obvious that an OS that was supposed to be released end of last year, is not coming anytime soon, I'm going to be forced to move on.

POP OS will support my new computer, cause it's an updated current OS. Zorin OS is like from 2018.


Would Ubuntu solve the dilemma? Would that be able to fill-in the gap for why you may need Win 10?

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Not sure if you are suggesting a distro hop. Win10 20H2 Update has been playing stupid and failing. That is why I am thinking to include Z16 as dual-boot. I don't want to go Z15.3 as interim OS, although I don't have shiny new hardware like ST will soon have. I can wait for Z16...but not for ever.


Last hope:
they did it once again .... and they will hurry up once again


I am absolutely your opinion, time to say a clearing word is NOW.