Zorin 17.1 Core - Dash don't shows up on mouse hover?

Hi there !
I'm new to Zorin (moving from Mint). As a Core user, I chose the Gnome layout which seems to be the closest to Mint/plank I'm used to.
Everything's fine but the "dock" or "dash" which is 'only' available on the top-left corner (and keyboard of course). But my hand/mouse keep to seek the middle-bottom of my screen and there's no effect. Isn't it possible to call the dash/dock with my mouse there ?
Thanks for your time and answers !

Hi, and welcome!

I'm not sure I understand the problem here, but try to open Zorin Appearance and choose one of the layout that better fits your workflow.
You can also change the position of the taskbar by right-click on it -> Taskbar Settings -> Position.

I'ts kind of a solution, thanks !

(but I do not believe the dash can't be used like a real dock...)

Gnome Dash only appears on the Activities Overview. If you want a dock on your Desktop view, then install the Dash-to-Dock extension.

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thanks Topaz.
In the meantime, I switched to Zorin Pro which as this feature.